Preacher & Punisher Artist Dead

Preacher & Punisher Artist Dead

There are very few artists out there, that I personally, can identify all the time with ease.

Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, John Romita Jr. Alex Ross. Easy to spot. Steve Dillon was one of them.

Steve’s death was confirmed by his brother on Twitter yesterday. At the moment details seem scarce, but needless to say, for a guy of only 54 its still a bit of a shock.

Steve’s probably best known for co-creating Preacher with long time collaborator Garth Ennis and then following that up with his character defining work on Punisher with Ennis again. Their teamwork is by far some of my favorite comics. Anyone I know who has an interest in the Punisher, I force the start of their run on the person. It is by far the finest Punisher books written, and a damn shame when compared to the terrible, sorry Thomas Jayne, Punisher film that adapter much of it.

The comic book world is definitely lesser without Steve Dillon in it.

Thanks for the amazing team up Steve. You were great.

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