Spider-Man Re-Animate Project

More than 70 artists remade a 12-minute episode of Spider-Man. It may be one of the weirdest and most entertaining things you’ll see today.

Spider-Man Re-Animate, produced by Grantray Lawrence Animation and posted on Vimeo by editor Ron Doucet, takes dozens of classic, modern, and obscure animation styles and seamlessly integrates them into the Spider-Man episode, “Vulture’s Prey.” The video was created by animators from Nova Scotia and was originally presented at the Nocturne at Night arts festival in Canada.

Animators from all over the province spent the past year
re-creating this episode by re-making all the scenes
from this episode in their own personal styles.
Produced for the 2015-2016 ‘Nocturne At Night’ Arts Festival,
in collaboration with the Digital Animators of Nova Scotia.
Based upon the classic 1967 Spiderman episode ‘Vulture’s Prey’.
‘SPIDER-MAN RE-ANIMATE’ was created by fans of
Spider-Man comics, television series, films, and merchandise.
‘SPIDER-MAN RE-ANIMATE’ is considered a parody and is
intended to be shared for free, not for profit. We made this
project purely for fun and for free.

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