Cybog and Flashes Terrible Costumes

The Flash and Cyborg apparently had some costumes picked out for them different from the ones we’ve seen in the trailers.
Thank god they had different costumes cause these suck. These suits just seem plain ugly,and reek of Snyderfication, but I’ll let you be the judge.

SuperheroMovieScoop posted this to Twitter;

So Cyborg’s isn’t too far off, cause a guy in a silver metal suit is pretty much a guy in a silver metal suit. The faceplate of course is terribly wrong and just makes the suit look like generic robot to be destroyed #5. The Flash one looks like a post apocalyptic fighter. A fight, forced to survive on a now desert planet. He wears special armor to help him breath and fight crime as he tries to survive a world he didn’t make.

Or mostly it looks like a DC Cinematic Universe version of the Ant-Man armor. Yeah, just straight up an Ant-Man copy with super dulled and muted blue tons on the suit.

These suit are ugly. The current ones aren’t great, but at least I know what character I am looking at.

-Andrew McDonald

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