Review: Dr. Strange #11

Review: Dr. Strange #11

Magic is dead. Ish.

The last issue of Doctor Strange wrapped up with the doctor and his friends defeating the Empirikul, a group of science based reality jumping marauders, that went world to world murdering sorcerer supremes and entire worlds magical ecosystems.

Earth, Strange and his friends suffered losses, but magic was saved. Unfortunately, magic now involves a process of relearning and rediscovering.

Let’s state this now, this is a filler book. Not much happens. We get some flash backs to before Strange became Sorcerer Supreme, using MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) to try to fix his hands, then his time studying with the Ancient One. In the present day, he still has to try to protect people from what wild magic still remains in the world, leading to Strange having to improvise due to his lack of usual spells.

I definitely like artists Kevin Nowlan and Leonardo Romero’s view of Strange’s magical world. The way he is able to see the world through his magical third eye is an inventive way to illustrate his day to day life.

Nothing’s inherently wrong with the story and it’s typically what you get between one story line and the start of the next. It’s probably best considered a jumping on point. If you are looking to start Dr Strange, this is a good spot. But if you are looking for a ton of heavy story and magic use this is not the best book to get started with.

by Andrew McDonald

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jason Aaron

Cover Artist: Kevin Nowlan

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