Review: Aquaman #06

Review: Aquaman #06


So Aquaman is screwed. He’s escaped from the military with the help of his wife. Another US ship has been attacked by what is perceived to be the fault of the Atlanteans.

And now as he makes his way to the ocean to try to get back to his people and figure out what the hell is going on, Superman shows up to help the US government. So yeah, Aquaman is screwed.

The current Aquaman team and run has been interesting. Aquaman has been on a mission of integration with the surface world, trying to demystify the Atlanteans while walking a tight rope between trying to figure out how help both of his people get along.

Brad Walker, as artist does an excellent job of showing the otherworldliness of Atlantis while still making it familiar as they are still beings that evolved alongside surface dwelling humans on earth.

Dan Abnett also does well illustrating how much an other Atlantis and by extension Aquaman feels even from his fellow superheroes while fighting with Superman, as even he feels hard to give him the benefit of the doubt when faced with the desires of the United States government.

A B Story with Black Manta joining a new organization called N.E.M.O also plays out near the end of the book, but other than the fact that Black Manta pretty much acts how he always does there are little surprises and mostly growing mysteries there.

Aquaman is a solid character. Right now he has a solid team helping craft some of his best stories and hopefully elevating his character for future readers and movie viewers.

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Brad Walker

Publisher: DC Comics

by Andrew McDonald

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