Review: All New Ultimates #01

Review originally posted on 04/08/14 on

I can say this about the Ultimate Universe, it always manages to keep things interesting. 

After their latest crossover Cataclysm just ended, the Ultimate Universe is once more picking up the pieces, this time with the younger heroes picking up the slack while the older ones deal with their losses. Coming together from tragedy, The All New Ultimates, comprised of Spider-Man, Dagger, Cloak, Bombshell, Kitty Pride and Spider-Woman, now going by the name Black Widow. 

The teams base of operations is the current home of Cloak and Dagger inside of an old abandoned church in the rough part of New York, Hell’s Kitchen.
Crime has skyrocketed with the devastation laid to New York and the current Ultimates Universe by Galactus. Gangs and villains are popping up as they prepare to try gain ground in the fall of organizations like SHIELD and the death of Captain America. 

A local gang, that Cloak and Dagger have already had a run in with, called The Serpent Skulls, has moved into New York and is testing drugs using a lab that the company Roxxon had secretly been operating out of in the neighborhood, in an effort to make a cheap version o the chemical that gave Cloak and Dagger their powers.
In the meantime, Kitty is crashing at Black Widow’s place, hiding from the world and not quite sure how to handle her recent popularity in the world, after spending months fighting for her life from a government that formally wanted to kill or imprison her. 

This issue also introduces Ultimate Styx and Stone, and Diamondback, characters who never got massively big in the regular 616 Universe, but with so many dead or revamped, could be players in the Ultimate Universe.
So far the All New Ultimates seems like a fun book, and gives some of the young characters of the Universe a way to shine against new threats that are popping up in the wake of disaster.
A solid start to what I hope is a great fun book. 

The speculation was that the Ultimate Universe would end but I’m glad it’s continued. Excellent and interesting stories continue to come out of it even now after ten years and numerous catastrophes that have affected it.

By Andrew McDonald

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Michel Fiffe
Artist: Amilcar Pinna

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