Review: Tokyo Ghost #2

Rick Remender answers just about every question you have about the origins of our protagonists.
The second issue of the series definitely starts to feel like and image comic. The pages are NSFW and the dialogue is filthy. All of that is to be expected of course as it lends to the setting of the state the world is currently in. If the first issue didn’t hint at it enough, I got a sense that the society that’s being depicted in these pages is one that is tech dependent. Leave it to Remender to write something smart that tackles today’s issues. 

After reading this issue, I tried to contemplate on how much time I spent on my phone today (whether it would be social media or YouTube) and I realized that I must have looked at it about once every five minutes. Although the book is an exaggerated attempt at the future, it’s plausible to think that we’re headed that way as a society.

But let’s get to the meat of this particular issue: answers. I didn’t think I would get so many, so soon. However, in this issue, you get the full blown identities and origins of Debbie and Led. You find out who they were before becoming constables, and why they chose these paths. Debbie’s goals are something to watch out for. It seems that her agenda isn’t so hidden. Everyone’s just too distracted to realize it. When you find out Led wasn’t always the way he is, you start to root for Debbie. Meeting Flak, was a shock to the system. It further emphasized why we need to change when it comes to our dependencies. He is someone that feels that he is doing a godly service to the people by providing them with media to consume. 

Consumption. That’s the nature of human beings. And with providing these things, he offers comfort for those that can afford it. Now you can imagine someone like this leading our free world. What would society look like? What would our laws looks like? What about the impoverished? Tokyo Ghost is set in a world where people live off of their indulgences. Things could be different for Debbie and Led, if everything goes as planned. 

This is also a masterful approach by Sean Gordon Murphy. In Issue one, Murphy showed you what a tech dependent Los Angeles would look like. In this issue, we see what Japan looks like when it’s cut off from all technology and power. Murphy’s backgrounds are stunning and he is truly blessed with superior inking skills. There is one instance in which you get a full two page splash of what parts of Tokyo look like when removed from technology. 

All in all we get the idea of who some of the key players are in this story. Flak may very well be someone to be reckoned with at the end. But now that our duo is in Japan on a “mission to save Los Angeles”, we’ll see if there will be any hiccups in Debbie’s plan going forward!

Review By Ed Gerard.

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Sean Gordon Murphy

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