Review: Black Monday Murders #01

I can’t review this comic…..because I can’t understand this comic.
There is cryptic, and then there is Jonathan Hickman. He is probably in my top three for comic book writers, and his storytelling is amazing. But he also has a habit of making me excited about a story, while still being completely confused by it.

 “Black Monday Murders” is about money, power and illusions. About the power money brings, and the illusion of power. It’s about paying debts, and how that can mean many things.

It’s also about some sort of creepy black magic cult, that is also a stock market school. And a NYC detective that follows the occult. And the god Mammon. Again, this is a really weird comic.

Again, I don’t think I can properly review this comic without a few more issues, but that also means I am going to be reading a few more issues. That’s what is really important. It peaked my interested so much that I have to read Issue Two, even if it gets some seeds of answers.
Which will probably lead to more questions for the next one. Which I will have to read.
See? That’s how Hickman gets you!

Overall I give “Black Monday Murders a 7 out of 10, on mostly it being weird looking and well drawn (shout out to Tomm Coker for the art). I will give a full and proper review when they release the first five or six issue that make up first arc.

By Sam Harper.

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Tomm Coker

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