Review: Tokyo Ghost #1

Remender’s writing shines through Sean Gordon Murphy’s excellent artwork in a no hold’s barred chase that does just enough to leave you begging for more.

If you don’t know who Rick Remender is, then you probably have not been reading any comics in the last few years. He has a knack for churning out good and thought-provoking stuff. But in case you missed it, he’s written some hidden gems like Tokyo Ghost. I’ll admit that it is difficult to pinpoint something special in the cyberpunk genre in a world where most forms of media are trending that way. Just ask yourself how many kids love “retro” in this era. Sean Gordon Murphy pulls it off, however. 

The vehicles, the grit, and the futuristic setting are perfect for his skill set. The futuristic dystopia is palpable in this dark metropolis, known as The Isles of Los Angeles. The year is 2089 and depending on how you look at it, the Mad Max-like lawlessness or the Blade Runner-esque feel definitely gives you a sense of what the future could hold.

As for the story, Remender’s writing is mostly impeccable. It’s fast paced and you learn a lot about the characters along the way. I fell in love with Dent immediately. The fact that he doesn’t speak lends a lot to the notion that there is a mysterious past between the pair. I’d like to know what made him the way he is. Debbie Decay is like the “George” to Dent’s “Lennie” in this characterization of a certain book we all read one summer. However, it seems that their relationship carries a great deal more to it. Given that these two are the law enforcement in this city, you can be sure that we’ll see even more wacky villains than that of Davey Trauma. I can’t wait to find out more in the next issue!

Review By Ed Gerard.

Tokyo Ghost #01
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Sean Gordon Murphy

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