Review: Supergirl Rebirth #1

I don’t get it. Before Rebirth DC’s books seemed, rather ho hum, for the most part. After Rebirth it’s like most of them actually have a focused direction and are quite enjoyable. Super girl is one of them.

Since the New 52 started, Supergirl has been lost. She’s been angry, she’s been moody, in some cases she has been down right unlike able. For the majority of the new 52 she was even an irrelevant part of the Superman family, with only Superboy being less relevant than her, but that’s another story. But in the new Rebirth title, the Supergirl writers seem to now have a solid direction on where they want to go with her.

And thankfully they seem to have gotten there by following the example of the Supergirl TV Show. In a wonderful bit of cross platform synergy, the new rebirth Supergril has a secret identity and also works for the DEO, like her TV counterpart.

Before this relaunch, Kara was losing her powers mysteriously and had gone to the DEO for assistance in restoring them. At the start of this issue they are on their last ditch effort to do so. An effort involving firing her in a rocket ship, tricked out in Kryptonian tech at the sun to rejumpstart her abilities. It works and Supergirl returns just in time to fight out a phantom zone prisoner who has suddenly reappeared on Earth and save her “parents.”

Yup. Parents. Taking another cue from the show, we learn during Supergirls recent depowering and work with this agency, she was assigned a couple of agents, who were a married couple, to act as surrogate parents to her. Linda and Jeremiah Danvers function as Kara’s adoptive Earth parents to help ground her and give her a sense of direction. It also helps to give her a backstory now with her new secret identity.

I like the new Supergirl book. Probably because it reminds me of the Supergirl show that I also enjoy. The angry girl of steel we’ve gotten for the last few years didn’t work for me, and I suspect, work for many others. This Supergirl has definite promise. The writing and artwork by Steve Orlando and Emanuela Luppachino feel fresh, fun and light while still having great detail and depth. And Michael Atiyeh’s colors do even more to make the book feel fresh and brand new as well too. It’s a great team thus far.

A fresh new team, a new take borrowing from some old Supergirl themes, a new supporting cast and city for Supergirl to call her own have me excited for this books prospects. Read this book.

Review By Andrew McDonald

Supergirl Rebirth #01
Writer Steve Orlando
Pencilled Emanuela Luppachino
Colorist Michael Atiyeh

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