Cool Trailers: South Park The Fractured But Whole

South Park Footage From Gamescom

Now South Park has never been a comic book, but the kids living there do like to play dress up. In their last game they had an adventure very heavily inspired by Lord of The Rings and the fantasy elements of literature. This time, the kids are fully going for a comic book world.

The Fractured But Whole, and think about that title when you say it, is South Park riffing on the idea of Civil War. The South Park kids are playing superhero and planning out their own Marvel Universe, including their own movies and upcming Netflix series for their characters. When tensions rise over the best order to do all these series in, the groups break into two seperate camps and the kids find themselves in the middle of their own Civil War.

This looks like a lot of fun if you’re a South Park fan. It will be releasing this holiday season.

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