Review: Superwoman #01

Where the heck did this book come from?
I feel excited and annoyed at the prospect of this book. Let me explain.

In case you didn’t know, the New 52 Superman died. He is dead in his place is another Superman, the Pre 52 Superman we guess, with the pre 52 Lois Lane and their biological child.

So this universe has a Superman. But now it also has a Superwoman. Actually Superwomen. But then again, wait a few minutes, and we’re back to a Superwoman. I know, I know, let me explain.
Spoilers incoming.

New 52 Lois Lane received Superman’s powers after he died. She ends up seeking out Lana Lang, the one person Clark trusted most in his life to help her understand these abilities and what she needs to do with them.

In the process of training Lois reveals she believes Lana too has powers, as when she received hers Lana was also in the same proximity. Lana relents and reveals she too possess abilities, but hers remain of the Electric Red Superman variety. Go back and look for it in the 90s early 2000s, but basically for an it Supermans powers changed and he was Superman: Return of Electric Boogaloo.

So two Superwomen. Lois and Lana, who are making a heck of an impression of the world and have an impressive first outing. But quickly as the issue winds down, something goes wrong, things get very bad, and suddenly we have Lois Lane dying in the same way Clark did. Giant flash, and suddenly we’ve got a pile of ash that resembles her.

So why am I annoyed and excited? Let’s start with the latter. The book is very good. It’s well written, I love the artwork, and it’s very fun. The dynamic between Lana and Lois isn’t of girl hero team up, but more of I’m really not sure I like you, but fine I’ll work with you. Two women forced to work together, trying to uphold the legacy of one of the worlds greatest heroes and equally a fantastic friend to both of them.

My annoyance comes from the idea that in previews we knew for awhile now that the powers Lois inherited were killing her like they were killing Clark towards the end. We knew there was a possibility she would die. But by the end of the first issue? Was this a giant bait and switch to get rid of New 52 Lois Lane so that Pre 52 Lois Lane could slide back in in her place?

And does his now tie into the idea of Clark Kent showing up, totally human during Superman fighting Doomsday in the current Action Comics? Will human Clark Kent suddenly bite it, so that Pre 52 Clark/Superman can slide in and take his place without suspicion?

It makes sense from a marketing stand point as explaining all this, as you can see from above, is a major pain. One version of one character makes perfect sense. But I fear some of the most interesting developments from the death of new 52 Superman and the introduction to the world of the Pre 52 version will be lost. Right now the Justice League knows there is a Superman, but he isn’t there Superman. They don’t trust him the same way.

This isn’t the man that Diana fell in love with or the man that Bruce respected and became good friends with. This is a copy. A heroic noble one, but not the same. The drama from being able to see your best friend but knowing that this really isn’t that guy is something I really hope they don’t gloss over quickly, which is why I hope New 52 Lois Lane is still alive. The tension of Pre 52 Lois knowing she can never comfortably try to slip back into her old life as their is another version of her living it really clicks with me as something fresh.

Even with my complaints, I remain excited. I very much enjoyed this book. Excellent first outing SuperWoman/Women.

By Andrew McDonald.

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer / Artist: Phil Jimenez

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