New Podcast! Kickstart My Comic!

New Podcast! Kickstart My Comic!

Like the title says, we launched a podcast. Kickstart My Comic! Kickstart My Comic is about finding individuals using Kickstart, IndieGogo, and Patreon to make their imaginations come to life on the comic book page.

In our first episode we talk to Shawn DePasquale, creator of the original series, Galaxys For Hire. He filled us in on the creation of Galaxys, how long they’ve been working on it, his relationship with Devils Due publishing and what he hopes readers get from his story.

His Kickstarter only has 8 Days to go and could still use some help. Listen to our interview, watch his pitch video at the link below, and see if you are interested in Galaxys for Hire.

Galaxys For Hire Kickstarter Page


Download this episode (right click and save)

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