Lumberjanes Film Announced, Directed by Emily Carmichael

Lumberjanes is a comic book series created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson and published via the Boom Box! imprint of Boom! Studios. The story follows a group of girls named Mal, Ripley, Molly, April, and Jo spending summer at a scout camp, and the strange creatures and supernatural phenomena they encounter there.

From The Wrap:

Rising indie filmmaker Emily Carmichael will direct “Lumberjanes” for 20th Century Fox, TheWrap has learned.

Considered a female version of “The Goonies, “Lumberjanes” tells the story of five young girls at summer camp who must unite to fight a supernatural threat to the camp and the surrounding forest.

Comic books are big business and even with the number of films and tv shows based off them coming out each year, still a fairly new genre in in the industry. Its interesting and a good sign to see female directors being considered and used to bring these shows to life. Definitely looking forward to seeing this film.

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