The Flash Review – Going Rogue

In this weeks episode Going RogueThe Flash’s most popular villain Captain Cold made an appearance while Barry’s inner circle has apparent trust issues. Let’s first discuss the good with this episode as I am starting to feel a bit of unevenness with this show.

The addition of Captain Cold into the fold is a nice welcome. As they broke the kill the villain of the week mold last week and continued that in Going Rogue. In this universe Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) is a known criminal to the Central City PD. He has a long wrap sheet and is in and out of prison often. We are introduced to the character during an armor car heist which is foiled by The Flash, making Leonard recognize he has to step up his game with this new threat in the city. Before he makes these strides into upping the game we learn a bit on his code of ethics. For one he says killing is only necessary if it’s an absolute must. This was directed at one of his crew members who shot a guard on their heist and as a result Captain Cold shot and killed this crew member for his mistake.

Different from the books Captain Cold obtains his absolute zero gun from a janitor who stole it from STAR Labs instead of creating it himself. I have no problems with how he got this gun, cause it makes sense, STAR Labs makes crazy science stuff so the logical place he’d obtain this weapon from is there. My issue here is why it was made and the vagueness around it. Cisco created this gun to stop Barry, saying he didn’t know what type of person he’d be. So Cisco either built this gun before Barry came out of his coma knowing he’d have super speed or he made it after he woke. Only the second part doesn’t make sense since Cisco was so enamored by Barry and quickly took a liking to him. So his reasoning on the creation of this gun is way out of character if it was after Barry woke.

When Barry found out Cisco created this gun he was furious and rightfully so. Not only did he feel Cisco didn’t trust him but he felt it was a violation of their friendship. This causes Barry to go out on his final bout with Captain Cold with complete radio silence. Setting the scene for Cisco to come in and save Barry while mending their friendship back together. This was also one of those scenes were it leaves the viewer thinking how’d they get there so fast (Cisco).

This week Barry also got a special visit from Felicity Smoak. Her motives for visiting him were clear right from the second she showed up. Though even with it being clear she showed up because she wants to try to materialize a relationship with Barry, their blindness to them being good for each other while being hung up on other people allows this to never get off the ground. Towards the end they both even realize this but with him being hung up on Iris and Felicity on Oliver they just can’t come to be now and maybe ever.

One issue I’m having with this show and it’s been for the past few weeks now is Iris. She is reminding much of how Laurel was in the first season on Arrow, mainly being annoying. At this current juncture the less of her would be the better as she brings the story down but I know this won’t be the case so hopefully the writers work something interesting into her story in the future. Besides Iris though a lot of the side characters are pretty weak and don’t have much of anything interesting about them. At this point Caitlin and Cisco are cut and dry with not much dimension to them. I would have lumped Harrison Wells into this grouping too only they have dropped those little seeds about there being much more to him that has me intrigued. Hopefully that intrigue is paid off.

The Flash airs 8PM EST Tuesday nights on CW.

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