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The Walking Dead Review – Four Walls and a Roof

The Walking Dead continued its dance with the comic book story lines in the most recent episode Four Walls and a Roof. Picking up right where they left off from the week prior.

Bob is still in the hands of Gareth and the rest of the cannibals. He is missing a leg, that the cannibals are feasting on. Of course there was definitely something wrong here with Bob as he was quite distressed before he was kidnapped. As I mentioned in my last review I figured Bob was getting the Dale treatment from the comics and that’s exactly what happened. With him being bit he is now tainted meat and he was set to go out the same way as comic book Dale.

Tempers started to flare up in Rick’s group between him and Abraham. Rick wanting to stick around to kill the cannibals so they cannot hurt anyone else and wait for Daryl and Carol to come back. Abraham on the other hand feels Eugene is in imminent danger and he needs to be extracted. In this matter Abraham was clearly not thinking straight as he wanted to leave in the dead of night with a small group instead of having the strength in numbers and leave during the day.

The one main take away from Four Walls and a Roof is Rick’s group is under the belief they are different, better than all the people in this new world who wish to do harm to everyone else. In some regards they are right in this line of thinking. However they are walking that fine line. To do harm to others to keep the group safe is all fine but what happens when they kill someone they thought intends to harm them and that person is completely innocent? This is something Bob made sure to make Rick aware of in his last moments before he died. He needed to let Rick know he is a good man. He definitely believes he is but did he give him that bit to maybe help keep him from falling to far into the darkness? Only time will tell.

This season so far has felt like a redemption in sorts. Not strictly talking character but story wise. The writers seem to be trying their best to course correct some mistakes from previous seasons and meld the comic story more with the show. One thing I always thought they butchered and many would agree with me was the handling of Andrea’s character on the show. She is one of the most likable characters in the books and when she was on this show not so much. However I am getting an itching suspicion they are fixing that now in a way via Sasha as she is really feeling like Andrea was in the books and I totally welcome this if that’s the direction they intend to go with this character because the group could always use a badass sniper.

The Walking Dead airs 9PM EST Sunday nights on AMC.

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