Arrow Review – Corto Maltese

There’s about to be an explosion of costume vigilante’s running around on Arrow as more characters are getting training (or had).

We finally get to see Thea again as she’s been hiding out on an island off the shore of Africa, Corto Maltese. With Oliver badly wanting his sister back home he takes Roy and Diggle with him to retrieve her. Little to his knowledge she’s there with her real father Malcolm Merlyn but Ollie never discovers this fact.

Through a series of flashbacks we learn what Thea has been up to while living in Corto Maltese. Via training from her father, she’s been learning how to fight and withstand pain. Malcolm’s training method on Thea comes across as harsh but necessary if he wants her to learn as he realized his earlier training methods on her do not work if he treats her like she is his daughter and not a student. We see Thea transform from frail to harden over the course of the five months.

While Ollie is in Corto Maltese he is not just trying to get Thea back but helping Diggle perform a job for A.R.G.U.S. which undoubtably does not go as smooth as they hoped. This leads Oliver, Diggle and Roy into having to track a rogue agent and retrieve the sensitive data he is trying to sell for a hefty profit. We get to see how resourceful Oliver is as he made two makeshift bows and arrows from materials in his hotel room.

On the Starling City home front Felicity has nothing but good things coming her way. Now working for the new head of Queen Consolidate, Ray Palmer, she is quickly learning he meant every word of it when he said she would be an important part of his team. He gave her, her very own personal assistant, a giant corner office and I’m sure it’s safe to assume a nice payday. However I don’t think she realizes what Ray Palmer is up to but it doesn’t seem to be any good. The hard drive he had her retrieve “lost” data from is filled with weapon blueprints and he had that evil gleam in his eyes as he was sifting through the data. Something tells me this guy is just another snake in the grass.

Also going on in Starling City, Laurel is getting the vigilante itch. She has the need, the want and the desire to help bring justice to the streets and she even attempts to. This attempt leaves her with a blackened eye, bloody nose and a hospital visit but this clearly isn’t viewed as a setback or a red flag to stop. No she see’s this as a minor speed bump and goes about seeking training. Training that will not be coming from Oliver as he tells her this is an extremely bad idea but this does not mean she does find someone willing to train her.

As the episode came to a close we are greeted by a familiar face from last season searching for Sara. This is going to lead to a full on investigation for who killed Sara and also bring about the blame game.

Arrow airs 8PM EST Wednesday nights on CW.


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