The Flash Review – Things You Can’t Outrun

Each week Barry seems to be growing more and more into his role as Central City’s protector. Not only learning how to physically defeat any of the enemies he faces but to also out think them.

In Things You Can’t Outrun, Barry was put to the test with his mind. The villain of the week, the Mist, had the ability to turn his body into gas form. Making it a difficult task for Barry to inflict damage on him when he could never actually touch him regardless with how fast he was going. He also had to keep his distance to avoid breathing in the Mist as he was made up of a deadly poisonous gas.

It appears the villains on The Flash will not be getting axed every week now with the particle accelerator chamber at Star Labs being turned into a makeshift prison for meta-humans. This leaves me to believe a massive villain breakout will be in the future of this show which may call for a crossover between The Flash and Arrow. I don’t think this will be the reason for the crossover coming up in episode 7 for both shows.

During Things You Can’t Outrun there were a lot of truths revealed, put out in the open. For one Iris and Eddie finally came clean to her father about their “secret” relationship, which Joe already knew about because he’s a detective. We had Joe coming clean to Henry Allen on now knowing he did not kill his wife and he will do everything he can to clear his name. The most revealing truth however was the flashback that took place over the course of the episode. In this flashback we saw what occurred on the night of the accident at Star Labs. The tough decisions some of the characters had to make and now have to live with. Of course we got our first glimpse at Ronnie Raymond being heroic and saving everyone in Star Labs. This of course will not be the last we see of him.

Now while speaking to the night of the accident at Star Labs we also saw what Harrison Wells was up to. As it’s been a reoccurring theme through the first three episodes at the very end each week we see Harrison up to no go (at least in the viewers eyes). What was revealed this time around is Harrison was well aware of what was going to happen to Barry, watching live footage of the bolt of lightning striking him. So does this mean Harrison purposely had the particle accelerator malfunction to create The Flash and many other meta-humans? Most certainly seems that way. I just hope they don’t always end every episode on the same beat with Harrison and his mischief.

The Flash airs 8PM EST Tuesday nights on CW.

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