Gotham Review – Viper

Gotham amazes me. Not in the sense that it’s an entertaining spectacle to watch but how poor the story lines have been. I really wanted to like this show in all truth but it’s been what I feared it was going to be, a cram-fest of Batman references and story lines.

The most recent episode Viper introduces a new drug hitting the streets of Gotham one that has some strange side effects for the would be taker. Whoever inhales this green gas becomes insanely strong (see where I am going), agile and their skin looks slightly creepy. Yes folks they introduced the early version of the drug better known as Venom to the Gotham universe yesterday. The same drug that makes Bane have incredible strength.

Now I’m totally fine with the writers of this show going to the well for story ideas but there are a massive amount of stories, much older ones that include Gordon they could be using over one that is only 21 years old (which is young in comic terms). I would have also been fine if they just left this as the early testing phase for Venom but they didn’t stop there and had one character mention Viper was the initial run of this drug which didn’t work as it killed the user a few hours after taking it. However when they took the serum back to formula and tried again they got Venom. They also went one step further and made a lab part of Wayne Enterprise’s the creator of it.

I do without a doubt enjoy what they are doing with the Penguin, but it’s not enough for me to want to keep coming back to it as many other areas are lacking. Gordon while portrayed pretty well by Ben McKenzie, the case of the week him and Bullock get put on have not been interesting. Plus their discussions each episode feel very much the same.

The weak elements of Gotham continue to get weaker and weaker with each new episode. Nygma is a terrible character, even with him showing up once per episode but it’s more than enough. Then we have Fish Mooney who does not make for a compelling character at all and it would be smart if her story arc ended permanently in the first season. Of course some of the more interesting story lines they could run with like Allen and Montoya’s investigation into GPD (and Gordon) very rarely pop up feeling like a major missed opportunity.

As it stands right now this will be my last review of Gotham as I cannot put anymore time into viewing this show that I get minimal enjoyment out of. Will I ever venture back to it? Maybe, but only if I hear of it improving immensely from a reliable source. In the time being I bid this show adieu.

Gotham airs 8PM EST Monday nights on FOX.

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