The Flash Review – Fastest Man Alive

Well that didn’t take long for Barry Allen to self proclaim himself as the Fastest Man Alive, when he is well aware of another man who moves just as fast (or faster) since this person did kill his mother.

I’m really digging the idea of superheroes getting television shows now over movies due in large part to the success of Arrow and The Flash. Both these shows do a fairly good job with the CG visuals were it looks near cinematic quality which helps keep the audience engaged unlike what bad CG would do. Another thing is it really allows the writer’s to fully explore the characters struggles with their new-found powers or just living the double life (in the case of the non-meta humans). In the Fastest Man Alive Barry learned of his first limitations with his abilities; hunger. With him now able to move at the speed of light it just doesn’t mean his body externally does but internally as well, so as he exerts himself he burns off mass amounts of energy quickly.

Besides Barry’s struggles with extreme hungry which causes him to faint when over exerted he was also faced with self-doubt this week. Most of this self-doubt came from Joe West who continued to tell Barry throughout the episode that the heroics are for police regardless of his powers. This really struck a chord with Barry and after his first fight with Multiplex almost ended disastrously he hung up the suit telling the team at Star Labs he’s done. Of course any self-doubt in a hero and their abilities can be easily rectified when a loved one (mainly the one telling them they can’t the whole time) tells them they were wrong and instills a mass amount of confidence back into them. As Joe did towards the end of the episode, bringing Barry back out of early retirement as he found that heroic spark within himself that was there all along.

Currently with The Flash they seem to be doing what was done with Arrow early on in regards to the villain and that’s have a villain of the week each episode. This has its pros and cons, but for now I’m okay with it. Multiplex really wasn’t a complex character but the CG did look pretty damn good when he would clone himself and there were dozens upon dozens of him running around on-screen. Sure he didn’t survive the episode just like the villain from the pilot but for some reason I can see them bringing Multiplex back through some crazy explanation. For one Caitlin Snow was able to make a Multiplex clone from just a blood sample so in comic book reality all they really need is some crazy mad scientist to get a hold of his blood and BAM! he’s back on the show.

So far with two episodes in the bag, The Flash is off to a good running start. One thing I’m really curious about is Harrison Wells. As we saw at the end of the pilot he was able to see into the future via a computer he has at Star Labs, he can still walk, yet he decides to hide that by acting like he needs a wheelchair and this week he killed Simon Stagg to protect Barry. Is he on some crazy crusade to save Barry from the future events? I would say yes but as most Sci-Fi goes the future he is seeing will happen because what he is doing is the reason for it to happen but of course he doesn’t know that.

The Flash airs 8PM EST Tuesday nights on CW.

How are you liking The Flash thus far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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