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Arrow Review – Sara

Seeing this weeks Arrow episode Sara builds off of the shocking ending of the season 3 premier this review will be heavy in SPOILERS. So if you are behind on Arrow you have been warned so turn back now or forever hold your peace. Okay good!

Now those of you still with me let’s get to the review.

With the event that took place in the premier it was bound to have resounding ramifications on the core characters and this was all shown during this weeks episode.

Laurel being the only witness to her sisters murder left her with little choice on what to do. They were out in public during the night, so either leave her sisters dead body out for someone to find or take it to the only place she knows she could, Oliver’s secret hideout. The latter is what she did and it really gave Oliver, Felicity and Roy a jolt when they walked into the hideout to see Sara’s body lifelessly lying on the table and Laurel standing next to it covered in blood. This is the first time one of the members of this group has fallen so reality really set in on all of them.

This is something Oliver can not let go without the murderer being brought to justice and without fail he immediately goes into investigating crime scene. Diggle comes out of retirement to help Oliver only a few hours after telling him he was right he needs to hang up the heroics since he has a family to worry about now. Proclaiming Sara was family as well so this is something he needs to see through and Oliver has no issues with that.

Of course with Sara being killed by bow and arrow this leaves a small list to work from and with a little help from the Argus database Oliver gets put on the trail of one assassin. While Oliver was doing his best at being a detective to track the assassin down, Laurel was stewing over this and very hellbent on revenge. She was looking to seek out the sort of revenge you don’t comeback from, they type the forever changes you. Luckily for her she had Oliver watching her, keeping her from going over the edge.

The message in this episode was very clear for each team member as they each looked on their life after the death of a loved one. Laurel still is seeking revenge while keeping her sister’s death a secret from her father and there were some hints to her possibly taking on the Black Canary mantel. Felicity came to terms that she should not be wasting her life and seize the huge job opportunity that was offered to her by Ray Palmer. Diggle not only embracing fatherhood but his duty to his extended family. Roy sulking over Thea missing and finally realizing he needs to find her. Finally there was Oliver who had a moment of weakness and now knows he does not want to die in his secret hideout and to a bigger point alone.

I know it hasn’t popped up on the show yet on who possibly killed Sara but it’s quite obvious it was someone from the League of Shadows. Most likely Ra’s Al Ghul. I’d be highly surprised if I’m not even in the ballpark on that guess.

Arrow airs 8PM EST Wednesday nights on CW.

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