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Gotham Review – Arkham

Oh Gotham so much potential yet 4 episodes in it’s all being squandered on bad storytelling. I’m finding it harder and harder to watch this show and get any enjoyment out of it. It is very procedural (a show format I do not like) and everything that happens is painstakingly obvious.

This weeks episode, Arkham, revolved around the district in Gotham of the same name. Falcone and Maroni are both fighting over the territory and trying to manipulate the vote on what is done with the land.

Of course with mob families wanting a piece of this land for their own financial benefit there will be a lot of posturing going on and without fail a hitman is going around killing city officials to help with this. This case of course gets thrown in Gordon and Bullocks direction and they do their usual spiel of Gordon being gung-ho on taking the case where Bullock thinks its unimportant.

On the Penguin front this week he made big strides moving up the position ladder. The restaurant he works at which is owned by Sal Maroni is hit by three gunmen who kill the manager, some of Maroni’s men and steal a lot of money, but not all of it. Oswald was able to grab a large bag of it and hide until it was safe to come out. His act made an impression on Maroni and he immediately promoted him to the recently vacant manager job. Of course towards the end it was obviously revealed Oswald orchestrated this heist and then eliminated the three gunmen with delicious cannoli’s.

Fish Mooney every week is becoming a less and less tolerable character and I wait for the day for her character to die but I’ll probably be done with this show before then. A few other extremely weak points in this episode were Edward Nygma popping up again. Probably one of the worst characters I’ve seen on television in recent memory. Which is due in large part to him becoming the Riddler and instead of them writing him in a cool interesting way they make it so obvious it just hurts my brain when he speaks. Of course Barbara is another waste on the show and brings nothing interesting to the table.

Gotham currently is sitting on my chopping block of new shows I am moments away from cutting out of my viewing schedule but with the potential it has I’m willing to give it at least one more go.

Gotham airs 8PM EST Monday nights on FOX.

How are you liking Gotham so far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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