The Walking Dead Review – No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead returned Sunday with one of it’s best episodes in recent memory. No Sanctuary had everything the show does so well with from time to time. Suspense, tension, action and a few great emotional moments.

Carol showed why she is a major asset to the group as she was a crafty ninja-Rambo, tearing down Terminus from the outside inward. What she pulled off more than likely could have been done by one, maybe two other characters in the group.

With the chaos unfolding at Terminus it is without a doubt Rick is back to doing the hard but right things making me thankful farmer Rick is long dead and gone. He did not hesitate once when he got free in killing every last person part of the group at Terminus, while also getting his people out of there to safety. There was a moment once outside the gates of Terminus he needed to be pulled back in as he wanted to head back to finish off the rest and Carol’s appropriately timed entrance back into the groups lives derailed that train of thought from Rick.

During the episode Tyreese continued to struggle with the inability to kill walkers. Having Carol still do the dirty work. This of course eventually changed when one of the Terminus people threatened to kill Judith. Snapping Tyreese not only out of his inability to kill walkers but any living people as well who will put his loved one’s in mortal danger.

There was a hell of a lot of action in No Sanctuary as well. As I mentioned before Carol was very Rambo-esque in her siege on Terminus and a horde of walkers helped with this as well. Rick and his group consisting of Glenn, Daryl and Bob had to make their way from within Terminus with makeshift weapons as they tried to free the rest of the group. This all made for a very tense and exhilarating hour, making it easily one of the top 10 Walking Dead episodes.

Over the course of season 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead there were many lows and a few high moments. With the show often to me often teetering on the line of mediocrity. Now with the prison and the very forgettable Governor out-of-the-way I feel the start of the fifth season is a sign of many good things to come… hopefully.

The Walking Dead airs 9PM EST Sunday nights on AMC.

Did The Walking Dead’s fifth season premier live up to the hype? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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