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Arrow Review – The Calm

Arrow returned last night for its third season, with plenty of old friends making an appearance, some new faces and a shocking ending.

Right in the opening moments of the episode we saw the newest member of Arrow’s team in action with the rest of the team, Roy. They are clearly very efficient with how they go about handling criminals. Roy is also 100% free of any of his rage-inducing superhuman abilities and back to normal, but clearly still has Thea on his mind as she is M.I.A.

Some changes were apparent to Starling City over the course of the episode, The Calm. For one detective Lance is now Captain Lance and stuck behind a desk. Well he’s supposed to be but as we know he doesn’t follow orders to well. One solid he did however was extend his and the city’s gratitude to Arrow for helping the city in the big attack from last season and officially removed the vigilante task force and their pursuit of Arrow proclaiming him a friend.

Oliver’s team has been quite busy taking down many major crime bosses within Starling City but this also made way for new ones to pop up and that’s just what happened with a new Count Vertigo popping up. This time it is Werner Zytle donning the name and he’s a bit more lethal than the original Count Vertigo as he can clearly handle himself in hand-to-hand combat and has precision aim with his throwing knives.

At the end of the second season we learned Oliver was not always on the island in the 5 years he was missing and during the flashback scenes it is revealed as such. Against his will he is being held in Hong Kong by Amanda Waller. For which reasons we do not know yet.

It seems this season is going to be about Oliver finally beating his inner demons as he tries to bring some normalcy to his life. He finally acted on his feelings for Felicity but the jury remains out to see where that goes. The family company is up for sale and it appears he is at the moment not going to get it back and the big shocker they dropped on us at the end of the episode that will clearly send his world into a tailspin.

Arrow airs 8PM EST Wednesday nights on CW.

Did Arrow’s third season premier live up to the hype? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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