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The Flash Review – City of Heroes

Ladies and gentlemen The Flash is back on the small screen in live action form and is clearly a winner.

For the fans of Arrow we more or less knew what to expect from The Flash pilot as the same creative team is behind both shows. The pilot was highly entertaining, charming, funny and a little campy (there is nothing wrong with a little camp).

The pilot picks up right after Barry returns back from Starling City (see Arrow episode Three Ghosts) resuming his duties as a member of the CSI team for Central City’s PD. During the first 10 minutes before the accident we our introduced to the main players in the show and how they are all connected to Barry in one way or another. We also learn Barry has a good heart always trying to do what is right even though he fails often, setting him up to be the perfect fit as a superhero once he obtains his powers.

Barry obtains his powers by “accident” (Oliver Queen thinks he was chosen) when the particle accelerator at Star Labs malfunctions, sending out an energy wave across the city. Not only did it create The Flash but it also created many more meta humans who have the intent of doing harm to society. With Barry being in a coma for 9 months after the accident this gave the appropriate time for these villains to realize their powers and manifest as there was a mention during the episode of a lot of mysterious disappearances and deaths during these 9 months.

When Barry first realizes something isn’t right with him he runs out into an alley and starts playing with his abilities. This scene reminded of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and the first time Peter learned of his. There was plenty of humor and charm in this scene.

They revealed a bit into Barry’s tragic past where his mom was killed by a blur of yellow light which his father ended up being framed for. Even with Barry being at the scene to witness the murder, his word of saying his father is innocent was not enough for the police. This is due in large part to Barry’s story coming off as outlandish as he is 100% certain there was a man in this blur of yellow light.

Plenty of Easter eggs popped up in this episode. With two rather obvious or not obvious depending on your knowledge of the subject matter. One of which was the broken cage at Star Labs with the name Grodd on it. I’m sure we won’t be getting Grodd to pop up anytime soon since a giant genius gorilla might be hard to pull off CG wise for a TV show. So at this current juncture I’ll chalk this up as merely a nod towards the character. The other was the facility Barry was testing his powers out with the team from Star Labs. The airfield was a Ferris testing ground which is the employer of this famous DC character, Hal Jordan who is the Green Lantern.

The CG in this episode looked really good for the most part. A trend I hope continues on throughout the series seeing most of his villains will need a decent amount of CG done for their powers.

Hopefully now with The Flash hitting the ground running and the success of Arrow we can see more popular DC comic heroes pop up in their own shows on the CW or at least cameo on one of these two shows. For now I’ll continue to tune into this highly entertaining show.

The Flash airs 8PM EST Tuesday nights on CW.

Did you catch The Flash pilot? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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