Gotham Review – Selina Kyle

After watching the second episode of Gotham, Selina Kyle, I am still having mixed feelings about this show. There is a decent amount of good to take away from it. As I mentioned on the pilot review the star of the show Ben McKenzie plays an interesting Jim Gordon. And some of the side characters are very intriguing as well, but two episodes in there is a bit of unevenness going on.

This weeks episode revolved around orphans of Gotham disappearing from the streets. One of these orphans is Selina Kyle whom (spoiler alert) grows up to become Catwoman if that wasn’t already obvious. Over the course of the episode we get very little information on Selina which would have been fine if the episode wasn’t titled after her. With her popping up in the beginning of the episode and then again much later the title just didn’t seem very befitting. However the one thing I will say on the character as of right now is there is a lot of potential for intrigue just like Oswald Cobblepot. She is the silent observer of the city and witnessed one of the biggest crimes to hit that city; the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Over the course of the episode we learn more on how truly corrupt the Gotham Police Department is. Currently by my count three members of the GPD are good, everyone else corrupt as all hell. Montoya and Allen, two of the good cops are under the belief the other good cop, Gordon is corrupt. This is definitely something they will be playing around with over the course of the season and hopefully does not get dragged out too long.

A member of Batman’s rogues gallery got dropped by name in this episode and was a main involvement in the storyline and most likely future story lines as well. Speaking of Batman, young Bruce is traveling down that dark path rather quickly on this show. We are already two episodes in and we’ve seen him stand on the edge of the roof of Wayne Manor (pilot) looking over the edge without fear, burn himself to see if he feels the pain and blast death metal while drawing decapitated heads… I’m hoping they pump the brakes on this before they completely change his back story and we have a 12-year-old vigilante running around.

Oswald Cobblepot is now also walking down a darker path. In the pilot we saw his thirst to inflict pain on the one guy but now with him thrown out of Gotham and presumed dead he’s going to be stretching his legs elsewhere. He took long strides this episode towards serial killer status as he killed his first victim, while holding another hostage. His entire story I am enjoying the most out of all the side stories I just hope they stop with everyone who meets him for the first time immediately telling him he looks or walks like a penguin.

Gotham has a lot of potential, the story they had in place this week was definitely better over last weeks episode but there are still some issues. The acting for one could be better with Alfred to me being the weakest. In the pilot I liked Fish Mooney but not so much in this episode the acting this time around was way over the top. Another thing this show really has to stop doing is beating the dead horse with references to Batman’s rouges gallery. The biggest offender here is Edward Nygma who has appeared in two scenes (1 in each episode) talking completely in riddles and giving the vibe he’d be the type of dude who hides in bushes at a playground full of children. With how smart of a detective they made Gordon the second Nygma becomes The Riddler he will solve the mystery in no time. So here’s hoping they stop with that nonsense.

Gotham airs 8PM EST Monday nights on FOX.

How are you liking Gotham so far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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