If Superman was in the Marvel U

Recently it has been brought to light that FOX’s Rupert Murdoch has tried and failed to purchase Time Warner for a bid of $80 billion. Now other names are being thrown into the ring; like Apple, Google, China’s wealthiest man Wang Jianlin and funny enough Disney (who owns Marvel).

Of course it almost certainly would never happen. The two biggest comic publishers under the same roof, it would be pure craziness. From the crossovers to the storylines, so much awesomeness could be had. Clearly this is just a delusional fantasy for fans across the globe.

It is fun to think about however. Introducing these characters as new characters in the Marvel U but of course tweaking them to fit with what is already established. Because for one you are not just going to drop Batman and Gotham City for that matter right into the marvel comic universe. It wouldn’t fully make sense.

The potential of this merger however got me thinking. Which popular character in the DC comic universe would benefit from the merger the most and could be reinvented in a highly interesting way. Well Superman of course.

Bringing Superman into the Marvel U would be pretty easy, in fact too easy with some of the storylines that could come about or reimagining his origin story. Now I’m not saying they change one of the key parts to his story which is the destruction of Krypton but change the manner of how it is destroyed.

Krypton would be a thriving civilization like it always has been but it would not be on the verge of collapse but an actual greater, universal threat would be approaching; Galactus.

With Krypton knowing the devour of world’s has his eyes set on their civilization the prideful race they are bunker down and try to defend their world. As their forces are seeming to be all but defeated Jor El decides in an effort to save his species to shoot his son off in an escape pod; destination Earth.

Jor El readies his son in the escape pod and fires it off. However Galactus catches the fleeing ship with his ship pulling it in. As Galactus puts the final fateful touch to Krypton ending their world and species he gets a glimpse inside the pod he captured seeing the Kryptonian infant. In this moment Galactus shows he has a heart while also thinking of the uses he can get from the boy.

Being the smart celestial being Galactus is he runs tests on the child learning if he could benefit him in some sort of way. These tests reveal what we all know of Superman or I should say Kryptonian’s, that if they are exposed to a yellow sun, like we have, they will absorb its rays and develop unique god like powers. So with this information Galactus does just that and starts subjecting Superman to such suns and even creates an artificial device that would simulate these types of sunrays.

By doing this we see Galactus as a father figure to Superman but it also allows him to home grow his very own herald, one that would end up being far more obedient than his past ones.

Of course going this route he loses his upbringing as Clark Kent but it also allows for the removal of his silly hidden identity, the glasses.

This would put a greatly different spin on a beloved character by many while also introducing a formidable foe for Earth’s mightiest heroes when the time comes to defend against Galactus again. Of course it would eventually pass that Superman would fight back against Galactus after learning he destroyed his home world as he did to so many others but the story to that point would be highly intriguing.

Of course this is all just the ramblings of some fanboys dream and more than likely never ever to happen. But if it did I would still fully expect Marvel to keep the DC universe we all love and know around as one of the many numbered universes in the Marvel U.

How do you feel about the prospects of DC being owned by Disney? Do you think DC characters could work in the Marvel U with various tweaks? Sound off in the comment section below.

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