BioWare – You’ve Been Chosen

BioWare has been busy lately with this very odd but yet very intriguing ad campaign titled, You’ve Been Chosen. So far they have emailed out 3 different videos each with their own creepy feel with cryptic information listed below the videos (more videos are at the their site).

The first segment released was titled Nightmare and it seems to be just that. Following a man through an eerie dream sequence with some strikingly odd visuals. The most notable being the man in the corner with black smoke billowing out where his neck should be.

Accompanied with this video was the following text in the email:


The second segment BioWare released is titled Spark. Unlike the first video this one appears not to be a dream but some sort of test from the creepy on-looker from outside the restaurant.

Also like the first email this one also had an attached message attached:


And as of today BioWare has sent out its third and quite possibly last email titled Impact. From what I can tell in this one there is no creepy guy watching from the shadows but the girl in this video keeps repeating, “it’s not my fault” to which they show a house that has been sucked into the earth.

The  following message was attached to this email:


For those of us not fortunate enough to be able to get to Germany for this reveal we will have to make do with the Twitch stream. I for one am I huge fan of everything BioWare and will be awaiting this reveal with great anticipation.

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