The Wolf Among Us Review

The Wolf Among Us, the latest Telltale game to wrap up a full season should not only be in the discussion for best game by this publisher but should garner some game of the year consideration. Sure the game does not eat up a large amount of hours through the initial play through but with the choices involved in this game it can leave one player coming back again and again to see various outcomes.

For me I try to shy away from doing that mainly because my first play through is the story I get and want to keep. I try not to confuse multiple play through scenarios with one another and with Telltales knack for releasing second seasons that are effected by what you did in the first I like to stick with my original story.


If you are not familiar with how the stories work for Telltale’s games you more than likely live underneath a rock. The stories have their main point of progression in the beginning but as you make choices and the story evolves it is all then catered to the path you choose. So in the case of The Wolf Among Us you are Bigby Wolf the sheriff of Fabletown who is investigating the murder of a citizen from that said town. From there you are presented with choices throughout all 5 episodes. Some have minor ramifications while others can alter the story greatly.

During the story you will run into many familiar faces in terms of fables, while others you might have to look up on the internet (like I did). Then there are the few fables to pop-up which to me were not only surprising but very cool to see existing in this world. There are plenty of shocks and twists in The Wolf Among Us 5 episodes, with plenty of good cliffhangers at the end of each episode. In terms of feels I would say Telltale’s Walking Dead season 1 wins that but overall story wise I give it to The Wolf Among Us.


In simplest terms The Wolf Among Us is a point and click adventure game. Navigating Bigby through different locations turning up evidence to help with his investigation. You will also run into the frequent quick-time event which do usually require a quick response from the player to be successful.

Now the gameplay has never really been the main selling point or strength of these Telltale series, that goes to the amazing narrative. So if they were to provide a dud of a story it is safe to say the gameplay would not redeem that fault. However the opposite can be said here where the story completely redeems anything the gameplay lacks. I myself am 100% fine with the easy going style of gameplay because it allows me to completely relax and play these games as I am totally submerged into the story.


The art design team should be given a medal. Seriously. The visuals in this game are wonderful with that comic appeal fully complimenting the story. Now I’m not sure how close the characters in this game come to how they look in the books but I would imagine them being pretty close to comparison.

On occasion in this game there are some awkward character movements. For example how they open doors but that can all be forgiven an overlooked because of the pure beauty the visuals of this game offers.


If I was a bad ass, no nonsense detective, I would want the opening theme for each episode to be my theme song in life. It’s truly awesome and nails the vibe of the game.

Then you throw in the spot on voice acting for these characters and you have a truly wonderful thing going on here. Not once did I hear a character speak and cringe at how wrong that voice was or how bad the delivery was. All the voices worked for each character and the dialogue was scripted and delivered perfectly.

Lasting Appeal

There’s really not much more I can say about this game favorably than I already said. Sure it takes roughly 8 hours to complete all 5 episodes but if you are unlike me and want to see all the different scenarios then you can most likely spend upwards to 20+ hours with this game.

Also there is a high replay value to refresh your memory and try and catch some thing’s you may not have caught onto the first time through.

How did your stories turn out in The Wolf Among Us? Share with us in the comments section below.

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