A Million Ways to Die in the West Review


A Million Ways to Die in the West is filled with plenty of funny moments but the jokes that do not land miss the mark badly. Leaving one scratching their head… The head on their shoulders… What? The movie is filled with dick and fart jokes so my review might be caught up in the moment of that.

One should not expect nothing less from a Seth MacFarlane project. If you are a fan of any of his cartoons or his previous film Ted, you know and should be prepared for plenty of toilet humor. Me I’m a fan of his stuff and usually find his jokes funny. So in simplest terms, if you’re not a fan then you’re going to have a bad time.

The film is set during the great frontier, the expansion out west. A time when anything and everything could kill you, hence the title. To this effect the movie used it’s setting pretty well helping setup a number of jokes.

Seth MacFarlane takes the lead in this film as the main character Albert and does a pretty decent job. I wouldn’t say currently he is leading man material but the potential is there. However the movie would have probably benefited from having him strictly directing. Then the jokes that didn’t have any oomph to them maybe could have been handled more properly or changed if his focus was not divided. But hey that’s just my opinion.

I feel like A Million Ways to Die in the West gave us sort of origin story to Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) because every time Neil Patrick Harris popped up that’s who I saw. Barney playing one of his bajillion characters he created in his crazy mind. By no means do I mean this in a bad way, as Neil Patrick Harris was the show stealer of this film.

There were also a lot of cameo’s in this movie. Some you may have seen in the trailers. One which shows in TV spots and I wish they never included it in them. Sure the scene was great to see but it would have been so much better if it was never ruined by silly over promotion. For the readers sake I won’t say who or what it involves to save you from any spoils if you have not seen what I am talking about and trust me, you would know what I am talking about if you saw the TV spot.

In the end the movie did for me what its main purpose was to do–do. I couldn’t resist, tee hee! Anyways back on track, A Million Ways to Die in the West for me was a good-laugh-out-loud time at the cinema.

A Million Ways to Die in the West
Directed by Seth MacFarlane
Written by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley West
Starring Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Giovanni Ribisi, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman, Christopher Hagen and Wes Studi
Runtime: 116 min
Release: May 30, 2014

Have you seen A Million Ways to Die in the West? Agree or disagree with the review? Let us know in the comments below.

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