Hitman Go Review

Hitman Go is not your typical Hitman game. It features Agent 47 as the character you navigate through each board but beyond that it is a completely new and different type of game. Don’t expect to sneak your way freely through this game as you disarm guards by any means necessary. This is purely a puzzler and it fits right at home as a mobile game. Sure plenty of fans of the original series might be put off by this different styling but as a fan of the original series myself I feel this is a nice change of pace and something different.


Usually in my game reviews the first section I will touch upon is the story. However some games simply do not have a story so to try to grade it as such would be truly unfair. So for Hitman Go I will be talking about the games overall presentation instead of story.

In short the presentation of Hitman Go is simple and easy to navigate. Upon loading you are met with the title screen. Tap into that and you can then scroll through each of the boards to play, granted you have them unlocked. Simple, easy and fitting to the games design.


Much like the presentation of Hitman Go, the controls are very simple and easy to get down. A lot of finger swiping to choose which direction you want to send Agent 47, with the occasional tapping to trigger different weapons and traps. However for how simple the controls are for this game, it is indeed quite challenging. If you are a fan of puzzler games you will surely enjoy this game. Some of the puzzles I found to be easy enough, but for the most part they were challenging and required a good amount of thinking.

In some cases you may decide to take the trial and error route with this game. I myself prefer to think things out before I make my moves. Planning four, five steps in advance sort of like how one would go about playing chess. Also like chess the game goes turn by turn. Meaning you move one spot, then all the AI characters move, then back to you. As I’m recalling there are 8 different AI types each with different patterns they move in (or not move in). Learning their movements is very easy but figuring out how to deal with them when in combination with one another can be tricky.


I got to say the game design for Hitman Go is quite creative. Each board is essentially a board game with each level within it being a part of that board game. The characters each resemble a board game piece with the flat bottom. It’s quite ingenious and unique.

The board design and characters may not be the smoothest or most detailed but that can be totally ignored by everything the graphics have going for it. The overall game design fits perfectly with type of game it is, making for an overall enjoyable experience.


The weakest part of Hitman Go is without a doubt the sound within the game. The SFX are all fine and dandy. When Agent 47 dies the piece is knocked over making that typical sound of a board game piece falling on its side. The gun SFX are fine as well.

My main issue here is the background music and the lacking variety. Each and every level, regardless of what board you are playing has the same background music. Minus the assassination missions which all have the same song, Ave Maria!, and I get it the song fits any sort of movie or game involving a hit. But it can get old rather quickly when it just keeps looping and all you want to do is figure out the puzzle before you. So there is a highly good chance you might play this game on mute or very, very low volume.

Lasting Appeal

To start the game has 5 stages and each of those stages consisting of about 15 levels. Beyond the tutorial levels, the first 5, every level there on has 3 objectives to complete. So between all that I roughly put in 4 hours to complete this game.

However the one main sticking point is beyond the 5 playable stages there is a box stating more levels coming soon. So this may very well be taking the approach that most have come accustom to with mobile games which is releasing new stages every so often. As I would expect they will be free since the game already costs $4.99 because if they do try to charge that would be a damn crying shame.

Did you like Hitman Go or is it too different from the original series for your liking? Let us know in the comment section below.

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