Flargin’ Shows – 2nd Edition

If you read the first edition of Flargin’ Shows you are well aware of what this column is about. For those of you who are not I’ll quickly get you caught up to speed. At the beginning of each month I will give a rundown of 5 shows, currently airing and/or long since ended voicing my opinion if I feel the show is worthy of watching or avoiding.

Now with that out of the lets jump into the 2nd edition of Flargin’ Shows!

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Network: Netflix     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 4/68     Status: Currently Airing

I didn’t watch Arrested Development when it originally aired on FOX. I was a late comer to the show, catching it when the first 3 seasons popped up on Netflix years ago. In my honest opinion this show is the smartest comedy to ever air on television but that does not mean everyone will watch this show and love it. It’s an acquired taste.

The first 3 seasons have some fantastically memorable scenes. Some of which is just not worth to go in describing but showing it works!

One thing that is apparent with Arrested Development are the Bluth’s being one of the most dysfunctional families you’ll probably ever see. To makes matters worse for them, most of them have zero common sense usually leading them to these idiotic ideas that lead to mass amounts of comedy (great for the viewer). Even the most sensible of the adult Bluth’s, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) has his moments where he has a total lapse of good judgment.

The 4th season of Arrested Development aired on Netflix as they were the one’s who played a big part in resurrecting this show. At first when I watched the newer season I felt it strayed too far away from the original format with each episode now focusing on individual members of the family. But upon additional viewings you realize some of the more complicated and brilliant gags they have in place that you can really only get from multiple viewings. The first 3 seasons did have elaborate gags in them as well but for the most part they were much easier to piece together.

Rating: Flargin’ Awesome!

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

Network: CBS     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 9/208     Status: Recently Ended

To me it only felt fitting to add How I Met Your Mother to this edition of Flargin’ Shows. I myself am not a fan of sitcoms, in fact I hate about 95% of them. They always have that canned laughter, bad self contained stories and awful jokes. However HIMYM had a different sense of appeal to it. The show had a plotted out mission an actual end game in mind and I liked that. To top it off it had some good humor.

The first 6 seasons of this show I could without a doubt say were highly enjoyable to watch and they should have wrapped it up in the seventh season but networks love milking their shows and CBS is probably the worst with doing so. During seasons 7 and 8 I found the quality of show on all fronts dipping and so my amusement level dropped as well to the point of me hoping for them to end the show. I do not like seeing a good thing getting dragged out for no good reason and that is definitely what was happening here. Then season 9 came along and it was announced as the final season. My love/hate relationship continued during this season as well but to a lesser degree, some of that old charm and good writing was back, but not in every episode.

Yes, it was frustrating at times watching this show but I am a finisher and I wanted to see this story out. I’m not going to touch on the finale here but I’m sure you can find plenty of what people are saying (positive and negative) about it on the interwebs. If you would be a newcomer to this show you might fair better with watching it after they push the final season onto Netflix. By binge watching all the seasons in a few weeks you might actually enjoy the seasons I felt to be poor as they are all right there for you to watch in a row and you’re not waiting a week to watch an episode to finish and say “that’s it?”. However for all the good and all the bad this show had for it’s viewers, one thing is certain, it was one hell-of-a-ride.

Rating: Flargin’ Good!

The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs

Network: ABC     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 1/19     Status: Currently Airing

Ah The Goldbergs, that hidden gem right after Agents of SHIELD. This show I accidentally fell into, I’m not one to leave my television running after a show I watch and in the early episodes of AOS, I would do just that. Episode end, turn tv off. However one day I left it on and The Goldbergs followed and I am thankful I did so ever since.

This show is not only humorous but a nostalgic ride back into the ’80s. The pop culture references, the language, the clothes, it all brings back fond memories of simpler times. When fanny packs were cool, ugly bright colored sweaters were the thing to wear and everyone’s hair was big.

The Goldbergs is based on Adam Goldberg’s (the shows creator) life growing up. I’m sure some of the situations are greatly exaggerated which is fine cause it makes for good television but I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if these stories were near close truths. This show has some very relatable aspects in it too (the dad sometimes acts very similar to my own) which makes it all the better.

Currently I know this show is fighting to stay on the air but as of recent updates it looks promising. I for one am hoping this freshman show gets a sophomore season.

Rating: Flargin’ Good!



Network: CW     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 2/42     Status: Currently Airing

When it comes to DC live action properties WB/DC botches the handling of them more times than not; minus Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It’s frustrating for fans of the comic publisher who just want to see these properties done right, especially when Marvel Studios is killing it. However there is a little show called Arrow that airs on the CW based on the comic character Green Arrow that is just a joy to watch.

Arrow is another show that Netflix got me caught up to speed on and just in time for the second season. I was always hesitant on this one because it is on the CW and their shows have that notorious notion of being teenage soap opera’s. Thankfully that is not the case here, though on occasion those instances pop-up but the shear awesomeness of this show over powers that.

To me this show has striking similarities to the Nolanverse Batman except super powers do exist in this world. The show has a main story that progress’s through each and every episode and we do get the occasional self contained flavor of the week villain (but that was mainly the first season). The second season has been a whole other story, just about every episode has been great minus one or two and the most recent episode, Deathstroke, I would say was the best episode on this show to date.

So why should you watch Arrow? Well for one if you enjoy comic book movies then this is a must watch. Even if comics are not your thing the action and story are of high quality which should make most people a fan. For me I will continue watching this show and hope maybe the minds behind this can influence the minds behind the DC films.

Rating: Flargin’ Great!



Network: FX     Seasons/Episodes Aired: 5/59     Status: Currently Airing

The first cartoon to make the Flargin’ Shows list, Archer. This show is beyond ridiculous but it’s well expected since the creator Adam Reed also created Sealab 2021. It follows secret agent Sterling Archer of the agency ISIS which is ran by his mother. They are a private company for hire doing secret agent stuff or they at least attempt to seeing they are not very good at their jobs; a reoccurring theme on the show. Archer is similar to James Bond in many ways only he puts partying well before the mission and for every brilliant thing he does he finds multiple idiotic ways to undo that.

For the people who enjoy Arrested Development but have yet to start watching Archer I’d highly recommend it. A few of the voice actors are from that show and pretty similar to those characters especially Malory Archer, Sterling’s mom, who is voiced by Jessica Walter. This show also provides plenty of catchy catch phrases that are way to hard to resist from using in the real world.

Currently I am still in the process of catching up on this show; haven’t seen any of the 5th season. Hoping to do that soon but regardless I fully expect the newest season to be just as awesome as each previous one.

Rating: Flargin’ Great!

Flargin’ Rating System (Best to worst): Flargin’ Awesome, Flargin’ Great, Flargin’ Good, Flargin’ Decent, Flargin’ Bad, Flargin’ Awful.

Agree/disagree with my opinions or have a show you’d like me to watch? Let me know in the comments below.

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