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Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope Pilot

I’ve never been a Dragon Ball Z fan (anime just really isn’t my thing) but when I saw this web series come across my desk today I knew I had to share it. For one it would be a disservice to the fans of the series who do not know about this project. Secondly what Robot Underdog has shot so far looks pretty damn good as well (see above).

The following is from the official press release by Robot Underdog:

A new live-action web series based on the #1 anime, manga and video game series Dragon Ball Z reveals the s rising light in a world filled with darkness, forever changing how fans view Dragon Ball Z.
Arriving with a Bang comes the new live-action web series Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, forever changing how Dragon Ball fans view their favorite series. Written by Derek Padula, the only professional Dragon Ball scholar in the world, author of the #1 best-selling “It’s Over 9,000!” book, and webmaster of The Dao of Dragon Ball, the Light of Hope web series is the first to stay true to the original work of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball. The detailed plot reveals the conflict between the heroes of Son Gohan and Trunks as they struggle to survive against the deadly and mischievous pair of killer androids, #17 and #18. Gritty, dark, and action packed, Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope will do for Dragon Ball Z what Dark Knight did for Batman. It will give fans hope to believe in the potential of a Dragon Ball Z feature film done right, and astound them with authentic and intense battles.
The series is produced by Robot Underdog in Los Angeles and will be filmed this summer. The cast and crew includes lifelong martial artists Amy Johnston, Tyler Tackett, and Anton Bex, as well as Jack Wald’s premiere as the young Trunks. Directed and produced by Donnie McMillin and Rita.
With a clash between invincible androids and the young spiritual warriors who rise up against them, Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope uses groundbreaking visual effects to capture the high intensity fighting and destruction the series is known for.
Currently Robot Underdog has a campaign running over at Indiegogo and at the time of this writing it has 5 days left to go. They are short of their goal as it stands right now but with the time left it is more than enough for them to close that gap if enough fans get drawn to this project. So if you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series or just a fan of helping the small productions with big and good ideas I suggest you pop on over to the campaign and help them out.
What are your thoughts on this Dragon Ball Z web series? Let us know in the comments below.

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