Titanfall Review

Every so often a game gets announced that builds up an immense amount of hype before it’s release. Titanfall is one such game that had millions of gamers anticipating it. I myself was fortunate enough to have been able to participate in the Alpha and Beta to see the changes it has gone through up to its release. Now that it has dropped people have had the chance to delve into the game to see if it was really worth all the hype.


This is by far the weakest part of Titanfall and just very weak in general. I myself love games with a rich, compelling story. Titanfall has neither, I don’t even think it would qualify for being a SyFy channel movie of the week. When you go into campaign mode you are randomly thrown on one of two factions; the Frontier Militia or the IMC. From there you progress 9 missions which don’t really offer much in the form of objectives (each mission is a game mode from the multiplayer listings).

As you go through the campaign missions NPC’s pop-up on-screen yelling stuff at you and other NPC’s which is supposed to help build the story and let the player know what’s going on. This most certainly is not the case. As I played through the campaign I could have given two craps about anything they were saying or who they were. Up to this point I still don’t know these “integral” characters names and I don’t care to know them.

The developers should have just shelved the campaign idea for Titanfall altogether or created an actual single player experience so the player’s who want to learn and understand this universe can. But with all that said now onto the nuts and bolts of the game.


Putting all the story issues aside, Titanfall is a great experience. It boils down to 6 game modes: Attrition, Last Man Standing, Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, Pilot Hunter and Variety Pack (different game mode after each game). Each game mode is fast paced and team tactics are a must as I’ve learned by playing. When you play with a team filled with 6 lone wolves it’s going to end badly, especially in Hardpoint and CTF.

Before a player has a Titan drop they take to the battlefield as a pilot with various load outs to choose from (not so in the beginning). The pilot to pilot combat is what you would expect it to be if you’ve played COD or Battlefield; the similarities are there. The main difference being here is the ability to double jump (via jetpack), wall run and wall jump. My one biggest gripe with the pilots is the jump kick. One I use often and effectively but its way to overpowered. Chuck Norris couldn’t even kill a man with one jump kick yet this game all you do is flail your leg forward at another pilot and they drop like a sack of rocks.

The Titan aspect in this game really adds something new and fresh to FPS’s. Things escalate very quickly as that first Titan drops onto battlefield and the other teams pilots have to scramble for cover as they wait for their own Titans to drop. In my early plays with this game I felt the Titans were slightly underpowered in that a couple of pilots working together can take one down with ease but as I played more I realized it is justified in some ways.


Graphically this game will not set the world on fire. It looks good but it’s the standard level of visuals people have come to expect in video games. Only a few visuals that funny enough pop-up in the campaign did I feel truly impressed by what I was seeing. I’m sure the people playing this game on the PC with the highest level of settings would possibly disagree with that assessment but I wouldn’t know since I played Titanfall on the XB1.

The one thing I would have really loved to seen in Titanfall when it came to visuals was environmental damage. It is hard to suspend disbelief with these giant massive machines obliterating each other, yet a tree or a wall barely standing on its own don’t even bat an eye when hit. If Battlefield 4 can have this why couldn’t this game?

In my early plays of this game I did find myself getting caught up in the Titan verse Titan moments as they slug it out in front of my helpless pilot. This usually resulted in my getting trampled but it was well worth it as I watched the spectacle unfold in front of my eyes.


The aspects of war with 20-foot-tall robots is beautifully captured here in regards to the sound. The mass chaos with bullets whizzing by your head as you run for cover sounds great with the proper sound system. Everything jives together in perfect harmony, making for a superb experience. The one sound you’ll never get enough of either is that of your Titan dropping, letting you and any players around your Titan drop zone know, it is on!

Lasting Appeal

For the multiplayer enthusiast this game has some serious legs. It will be just like the Halo’s, COD’s, Gears of War’s, etc. that have come before it. Creating a massive community of players who play each day in and out, mastering every nook and cranny of the game. There is already a season pass out for the game which will be bringing new updates, game modes, Titans, weapons and maps over the course of the next few months. Only adding to the longevity of this game.

However for the person who is not big on the multiplayer experience this game will most likely become a relic in their game collection quickly. I myself am not big on the multiplayer only gaming experience (mainly do it with friends) but will pop on in whenever I feel I need that fix.

Are you enjoying Titanfall? Let us know in the comments below.

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