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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a testament to prove that the length of a game does not always factor into it’s overall enjoyment. Yes, the game is short however the story that is laid out and the interesting gameplay greatly outweigh that aspect. If I had reviewed this game before 2013 ended it would have definitely hit my top 10 list, quite possibly breaking the top 5.


The story plays out a lot like a 3 hour long adventure movie. You learn of this families grief over the loss of their mother via the youngest son Naiee, who was there and unable to save her as she sank to the depths of the ocean. To add more weight on to the boys shoulders their father has fallen gravely ill and they need to retrieve this miracle medicine located far off in the dangerous world. This is when the boys journey begins as they follow the map they were given to obtain this medicine, eliciting help along the way.

There are no true spoken words during this game, the characters language sounds much like the Sims speak but every action is crafted perfectly so it can be universally understood. This really makes the game shine in the story aspect, especially since you truly do feel for these two boys as they progress through their journey and have some mighty big struggles.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a very unique experience. Simple in the controls (only using 4 buttons on a gamepad) but yet how the game is setup and played makes for an interesting test for your mind. You take control of the two brothers, controlling them both at the same time. Left thumbstick and trigger for one brother, the right thumbstick and trigger for the other. At first it feels a bit odd, mainly when you are looking at one brother and expecting them to go left when you don’t realize you are moving the other brother.

The game has quite a few puzzles in it and none of which are extremely difficult. Mostly only taking a few minutes to figure out. Where I ran into slight problems was with the wall jumping coupled with swinging. As you have to alternate which brother is letting go of the wall to swing. So on occasion I would let go of the wrong brother sending them both to their death.


The world in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is very imaginative in the layout of the land with the most memorable area to me being the valley were an apparent war of giants had occurred. Graphically it is not the best I’ve ever seen or is it the worst, they are quite good falling in that middle range. Some of the visuals from time to time do seem to pop more than others, really grabbing your attention like I mentioned before.

Where the graphics falter a bit is in the character models. They don’t take anything away from the games experience but they don’t enhance it anymore than they could have either. In some regards they just felt a bit unpolished.


Graphically this game may not have nailed it but the sound picks up the slack in that regards. The soundtrack plays along beautifully setting the tone for the adventure these two boys are embarking on. Not once did I feel the soundtrack felt out of place, enhancing the experience greatly. In film soundtracks play a huge part of setting the mood of the story and since Brothers plays out like an fantasy adventure movie it needed that sort of feel and it 100% does.

As I mentioned earlier there are no true spoken words in the game but the gibberish they speak just makes sense and works. Whether it’s Naiee calling out to Nyaa or Nyaa explaining their quest to one of the many NPC’s they encounter for every word that is not understood through a known language, it’s understood in how it’s presented.

Lasting Appeal

Overall this game took me a little over 3 hours to complete which of course is short but in the scope of the story I wouldn’t have had it any other way. With that said there isn’t much to go back to after completing it unless you are an achievement hound and feel the need to get the one’s you missed.

There are no difficulty settings or multiplayer modes which neither would make sense for this. It’s definitely a game I would venture back to some day down the road but in the meantime it’s going to be shelved as I have nothing left to do in it.

Did you play Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comment section below.

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