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Arrow Review: “State vs Queen” (Episode 2.07)

Vertigo is back on the streets and Count Vertigo is terrorizing the citizens of Starling City once again. Nothing our friendly neighborhood vigilante can’t handle. Right?

State vs Queen opens to a flashback on the night of the earthquake that devastated The Glades. It explains how Count Vertigo came to be free via a helping hand from the quake that conveniently broke his door open for him to escape. Before making his grand exit out the hole in the prison wall he decides to free one inmate, Barton Mathis better known as The Dollmaker. Giving us insight on how he escaped the prison allowing him to get at Detective Lance and Laurel a few episodes back.

Flashing back to present day and here we are the trial of Moira Queen and it does not look good. The prosecution seems to have a big case against her which will most certainly put her behind bars for life and quite possibly hand her the death penalty.

Diggle was sent off from the courthouse by Oliver because he looked like shit. He complies and makes one stop at Queen Consolidated to get a replacement guard for the night. Felicity also tells Diggle he looks bad right before he collapses. When he comes to he is at Arrow’s secret hideout only to learn he has vertigo in his bloodstream. This is when Oliver first learns it is back on the street. They then learn it is all the Count’s doing as he hijacks the local television airwaves to show he has kidnapped the cities ADA Adam Donner and has drugged people in the city. The antidote however is a different strand of vertigo.

Oliver dons the costume and goes to work. Having Felicity trace where the transmission was coming from and saves the ADA. His raid on the Count’s lab didn’t go smoothly however as the Count mocked him on his new-found restraint to not kill. Oliver not being able to take the shot as he is taunted does the smart thing and takes off with ADA Donner.

Back on the trial front it comes to light Laurel is now taking over the prosecution for her boss since he is in no shape to continue with the ordeal he recently had. Laurel also reveals the prosecutions ace in the hole to Moira which leads Moira to revealing another secret to her kids before it comes out in court. Which is she had a one night stand with Malcolm Merlyn. Of course this doesn’t go over so well with Thea.

Felicity goes on a mission of her own to dig up some vertigo but falls into a trap set by Count Vertigo and is now her captive. The Count calls Oliver using Felicity’s phone revealing he knows he is Arrow and he is holding her hostage at Queen Consolidating. Arrow shows up having one last final showdown with Count Vertigo. Fearful the Count is about to inject Felicity with vertigo he rips to quick shots with his bow at him sending him backwards and out the window of Oliver’s office, slamming on the streets below. Secret identity safe, but at a cost that seems to have shaken Oliver a bit.

As the episode winds down the jury comes to a final verdict on Moira and she is found not guilty on all accounts. This comes to a shock to everyone especially Oliver. As Moira is being driven home her driver stops off at an empty parking lot to deliver her to his boss. In enter Malcolm Merlyn back from the dead and striking fear back into Moira.

The island flashbacks this week was a bit short. Oliver was transported off the ship with Ivo, Sarah and Ivo’s men. They first set out to the plane to kill Slade and Shado but they fail on that. Ivo then takes Oliver to the cave for the particular item he is looking for and it is nowhere to be found. This is when Slade and Shado jump Ivo’s men, free Oliver who grabs Sarah, taking her with them as they flee.

For the most part I enjoyed this weeks episode. Having Arrow kill someone after swearing it off might make for some interesting confidence issues in his abilities going forward. I’m also glad to see Count Vertigo is no longer going to make an appearance on the show as he seemed to camp things up a bit whenever he popped up.

Felicity and Oliver seemed to have a moment at the end of the episode after he saved her as they keep tiptoeing around them falling for each other or not. I personally think these two characters coming together on the show would work real well and it would also setup a dark storyline in the future having Felicity die at the hands of one of Arrow’s enemies. Hopefully if they do that it is held off for a long time as I really enjoy Felicity’s character and we don’t need Arrow going down that super dark brooding path just yet.

What are your thoughts on State vs Queen? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

  • Will this healing serum they plan to use turn Slade into an evil dick?
  • Will Malcolm Merlyn reveal to Moira, Oliver’s secret?
  • Laurel is hanging by a thin thread before losing her mind. All she needs to find out is her dead sister is alive.

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