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American Horror Story Review: “The Axeman Cometh” (Episode 3.06)

Much was revealed in The Axeman Cometh as we hit the mid-season point with American Horror Story. Zoe is stepping into a leadership role now. Fiona appears to be lost within herself and her desires. An a devious plan set forth by Marie Laveau six years ago is revealed that involves Hank.

I really like the push they gave Zoe this episode. After last weeks chainsaw massacre it only made sense for her to embrace her coven and fellow sisters. Zoe ends up researching the school’s past and has a revelation that the numbers have been dwindling each and every year. She decides to make a pact with Queenie and Nan (over a drink of the witches; Absinthe) as they search for Madison. This leads to releasing the spirit of a dead serial killer from 1919, The Axeman on the house. Who so happens was killed by the witches of that time.

Fiona is a mess now. After what has happened to her daughter and knowing she (Fiona) has cancer she is starting to realize she wasted her life and just needs a good man by her side. Seems very much so like a mid-life crisis. We didn’t see much of Fiona this episode. Her first appearance was during the interaction with Cordelia when she arrived back at the Coven and she learns her daughter now has the ability to see what people have done in the past. Cordelia even gets a glimpse of her mother burning Myrtle at the stake. This can be a very dangerous thing for Fiona now as I believe she was involved with the acid attack on Cordelia, most likely putting Spalding up to it.

After Fiona ventured off out of the house we next see her at chemotherapy and this is when she has the epiphany that she is missing out on having a good man in her life to just be with. This was mainly done in part by her hearing all the thoughts of all the other chemo patients that even though they were in dire situations, the love of their loved ones is helping keep them strong.

Marie Laveau really has it out for the witches of the coven. We find out just how deep this really goes too! After Hank is kicked out of the school by a furious Cordelia he finds his way over to Marie’s place and the first words out of his mouth are, “we have a problem”. Say what now? Hank is working with Marie? Indeed he is and it’s quite deeper than that. He was hired by her six years prior as a witch slayer, to kill Fiona and other potential witches. He’s done his part slightly. The red-head he killed a few episodes back in Fearful Pranks Ensue was actually a witch that was being sought out by the Coven to join their ranks. However Marie feels he has failed her thus far and has fallen for Cordelia, now ordering him to wipe out the entire coven.

Back at the school Zoe comes across Madison’s body in Spalding’s room via help from the spirit of The Axeman. This leads to an interrogation of Spalding using Nan’s power to read minds to find out who killed Madison and he tries to reveal it was him but we know the truth and apparently Zoe is not buying it. This is when Misty Day is brought back into the story. Zoe needs her to revive Madison and she does. She also offers Misty safe haven at the school but she declines saying the house is evil.

By the end of the episode we have Zoe and the girls coming closer to who Madison’s killer was. Cordelia seeing everything clearer in her life now. Fiona at a bar drinking alone when the (recently released) spirit of The Axeman (in human form) approaches her, giving her a charming smile. All around this was a good episode for this season and helped push the story forward to what seems to be rounding up to be a damn good second half. I for one am excited to see how this all plays out and at this current juncture really believe this can be the best AHS season yet!

What are your thoughts on The Axeman Cometh? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

  • Kyle is back and now chained like a dog at the coven.
  • I get this odd feeling Hanks demise will come at the hands of Kyle.
  • Coredlia’s storyline is a lot more interesting now than it was early on.
  • Absinthe, the drink of the divine.

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