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How I Met Your Mother Review: “Platonish” (Episode 9.09)

For an episode that really did not land many jokes it was kind of touching with the story it told, albeit sort of convenient.

We pick up right after Robin learned her mother will not be attending her wedding. Devastated and unable to stop crying Barney accepts the challenge to making her feel better. Rewind to six months prior. A day in which Barney was forever changed.

Robin and Ted are back at it with their private this, major that joke and Lily expresses her fatigue of it. Thanks for expressing the audiences sentiments on it Lily! Sometimes they go back to the well too much with jokes on this show.

Platonish was about Ted’s inner struggle with Robin. Does he love her still? Will they be together in the end? Yada, Yada Yada. All the while he has Marshall egging him on to go get her, more in part because he has a $5 bet with Lily they will end up together. And as Marshall says, “I need that $5”.

As Ted has this going on with Marshall at a Generals vs. Globetrotters game. Barney is on a challenge accepted frenzy that is being set forth by Robin and Lily who are trying to have him fail.

First challenge up, talk to a girl in dolphin and get her phone number. Clearly he nails this but the cheesy dolphin sound effects they used could have been done without. Are they suggesting Neil Patrick Harris could not do an impersonation of a dolphin or at least attempt it in a funny manner? An impersonation would have landed much better. That’s what makes the snowflake trainer scene in Ace Ventura so great.

After Barney nails the dolphin challenge he is then moved onto the next; get a girls number without using the letter E and while wearing a garbage bag. This proved a little more difficult for him but of course he eventually nailed it. Would anyone doubt he wouldn’t? He’s Barney “God Damn” Stinson!

The third challenge he was put on he had no warning of what he was walking into. Robin just tells him, get the redhead at the bars number. Little did he know she told the redhead she works with Ryan Gosling and he wants to meet her but she cannot be talking to anyone else. After getting yelled at by this girl to go away Barney eventually does wear her down and tells her he is Ryan Gosling who underwent plastic surgery for a role. The one thing this show has forever done is made girls in New York seem extremely dumb, especially the one’s Barney always finds. I know it’s meant for jokes and what not but it does get a little old after a while. One would say this show is cliché friendly.

Robin and Lily by this time have all but given up but Barney wants to keep going so they give him a ridiculously easy challenge. Pickup a girl while buying diapers and samosa’s. In enters “the Mother”. Apparently Barney was the first to meet her and at this rate all the group members will probably meet her before Ted. This scene however was a bit touching. The Mother shoots Barney down but also tells him he is sad and will pull through this difficult time. Barney not being able to let this go ends up having a long heart-to-heart talk with her and she sets him on the path of getting Robin back and doing the final play in the playbook, The Robin.

Like I said touching, but a bit convenient too. This revelation ends up doing the trick for Robin and cheers her up. It also shows Ted realizing he has absolutely no shot. Which he should have realized with the wedding days away. The dude just needs to move on already.

Overall the episode was decent. If it had funnier moments it could have been better but they were lacking. A couple of chuckles but not many. Platonish felt a lot like a filler episode that the writers probably just decided to be like hey let’s make the mother the reason Barney makes the final play.

How’d you feel about tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

  • Marshall was shown actually interacting with the group via flashback.
  • Hammond Druthers makes his return. Felt like they were trying to feed off Breaking Bad. Didn’t feel needed.
  • Barney offers to set the mother up with someone but no one comes to mind.

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