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The Walking Dead Review: “Indifference” (Episode 4.04)

Indifference was a much more intimate episode than we’ve had this entire season on The Walking Dead. It focused solely on Rick’s judging of Carol’s actions (killing Karen and David) and Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob’s trip to getting much-needed medical supplies.

The Carol we all have come to know on The Walking Dead is no more. This was quite evident throughout the entire episode. She’s super cold and is devoid of any emotional attachment. In a short conversation she had with Lizzie, Lizzie calls her mom (which was odd) but Carol quickly snaps back saying not to call her that.

There was a feeling in the air the entire episode that Rick was silently judging on what to do with Carol. She wanted him to share his feelings on what she had done and he just laid silent. Their drive out to a nearby neighborhood was filled with a lot of awkward silence that felt a lot like Shane and Rick’s drive in season 2, 18 Miles Out (episode 02.10). This was the episode they were deciding what to do with Randall and hash out some hard feelings about Shane trying to takeover Rick’s family.

Every line out of Carol’s mouth was more and more damning to her in Rick’s eyes. They meet two young adults who are both sort of crippled. Rick insists they stay put while they scavenge the area and then they’ll take them back. Carol on the other hand feels they can contribute. She was clearly wrong; one ended up dying and the other never showed to the meet spot.

Carol even brings up Sophia and her husband Ed but doesn’t use their names. Memories purged from her mind, things she feels are better left forgotten. Where on the flip side Rick remembers Lori. Still thinks she is going to be in bed next to him when he wakes and even takes a trip down memory lane about how her cooking was awful but it’s a good memory to remember.

As daylight drew to a close Carol and Rick decided to pack up the vehicle and leave. Only Rick decided to bring back the Ricktatorship and lock Carol out of the car. Telling her it’s best she goes and start anew with some other group. This was his sort of way in protecting her from being killed by Tyreese once he finds out she was the one that killed Karen. It also saves Carol from having the group turning on her for taking matters into her own hands.

On the team Daryl front we see Tyreese slipping further and further into not caring about living, which is such an odd behavior. One minute he’s like we need to get the medication so we can save the people at the prison (including his sister). The next he’s acting reckless, wrestling with a walker for no apparent reason. Clearly he is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

Daryl ends up having a heart to heart conversation with Bob where Bob feels the need to divulge about his drinking problem and it’s the reason why Zack was killed. However Daryl didn’t see it that way telling Bob things happen. Later in the episode though Daryl’s opinion quickly changed when Bob risked the safety of the group (and his own) to save a bottle of booze. This didn’t sit well with Daryl who got in Bob’s face and would have thrown him to the walkers if it wasn’t for Michonne or Tyreese.

As for Michonne, she continues to warm-up to the group more and more. The Daryl and Michonne fling that I talked about in my season 4 theories seems to becoming a thing. As Michonne clearly was hitting on Daryl at one point talking about his eyes. Give it a few more weeks and now that Carol has been exiled there is nothing to get in the way of this happening.

Again this episode just left a lot on the table and more to be desired. The Carol and Rick situation felt like a rehash of Rick and Shane (just on a less violent level). Then on the other aspect of the episode, the danger just never felt real for Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese or Bob. A mainstay character really needs to be killed off to bring that sense of danger back that any character can go at any time.

How do you feel about the episode Indifference? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

  • It was a nice watch!
  • Carol clearly is not finished on the show but don’t expect her to stick around much longer after she returns.
  • Rick might be stepping back into the leadership role soon, which the group could really use.

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