How I Met Your Mother Review: “The Lighthouse” (Episode 9.08)

It’s funny how this show is all about Ted’s journey finding the woman he eventually married and his story is the least interesting. In the episode The Lighthouse it didn’t become any more interesting. Just some old stale Ted story line.

But with all that said and out-of-the-way this episode was quite enjoyable minus the Ted parts.

Robin and Loretta have once and for all buried the hatchet. All it took was some odd posturing and a scrambled egg off. Apparently Loretta makes the most amazing scrambled eggs. So good they make you weak in the knees or in Barney’s case pee you pants. Which is just weird.

In the scrambled egg off Robin insists her mother makes the best and when she arrives she will prove. Yeah well she never shows up which leads to Robin attempting to make her own and she is clearly out of her element here. After proving she doesn’t know how to make scrambled eggs Loretta takes a shot at her saying, “If you don’t know how to make scrambled egg, I just worry what kind of breakfast my grandkids will be having.” As cold as this was she didn’t know Robin can not have kids but Barney fills her in.

Loretta seeks out Robin later to apologize. She also finds out Robin’s mother will not be attending the wedding now and embraces her with a hug telling Robin to call her mom.

This entire episode we find out that Lily has ridiculously strong hands. Whether or not it’s because she is drunk is a whole other story but still the woman breaks about five glasses with her bare hands. All it took was a buzz word referring to the judicial system like court, judge, gavel, etc. Other than being angry and breaking glasses the whole episode Lily really didn’t have much to do which was fine because the whole glass breaking thing was entertaining.

Marshal and Daphne’s story seemed to pick up some this week as they made an over night pit stop in Cleveland. Destination, the Mosby household.

Ted’s mom supplies Marshal with an embarrassing mug with a very young Ted’s face on it and also gets him a picture of Ted at some wild west thing with his best friend (who was a balloon). Unfortunately we do not get to see this picture.

Marshal and Daphne get back on the road with a new road buddy; Clint. Constantly playing his irritating songs of peace and happiness. However Marshal and Daphne seem to get to him. He forces Marshal to pull over so he can get out to mediate. Daphne ends up giving Marshal an inspiring speech to man up and stop being everyone’s stepping stone. Well he does man up, going full nuclear. Leaving Clint on the side of the road and putting Daphne in her place. Angry Marshal is scary… kind of.

As I mentioned earlier the Ted parts were very meh. He ends up taking Cassie to the lighthouse at the (poor) advisement of Lily. The walk from upstairs in the hotel all the way to the lighthouse was an entire disaster. Between Cassie spraining her ankle, Ted having to carry her up the lighthouse steps and then him throwing up. We also got some god awful CGI with the scenery.

To end on a good note, we did get to see the mother again, in her very first scene with Ted. They are at the Lighthouse, two years later and still the same awful CGI. She is saying all the corny things Ted said when he was there two years earlier and then he goes for it and proposes to her. This I felt was a little weird. The first scene we see them in together is Ted proposing to her *(correction below). I feel like it would have been a lot better if the first scene we get to see them in together is the first time they meet but they clearly blew that.

Whelp there’s always next week for Ted’s story to get better… or worse. Hopefully though the episodes themselves stay entertaining.

What did you all think of tonight’s episode? Are you happy how they showed Ted and the mother together for the first time? Let us know in the comments below.

*Correction: I realized that I was mistaking with this being their first scene together. That happened earlier in the season episode 9.02. Which begs the question was the proposal scene to early? Yes we know they end up together but at least give the audience a reason to care when they actually get engaged by showing these two characters together a little more so we can get a sense of how they are together.

Quick Notes:

  • “Who doggie that was some bad advice.” – Preach it Lily
  • Two random guys over ecstatic high-five for the scramble off
  • Did I mention the terrible lighthouse CGI?

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