Marvel Fixing Iron Man 3 Mistake?

(Spoilers if you have not seen Iron Man 3)

If you have not heard yet Ben Kingsley has been working on a secret Marvel project that involves some of the crew from Iron Man 3. As of Monday Latino Review scooped that the secret project is a Marvel One Shot short film. However that’s not the biggest thing to come from the story. The big news out of this is that the real Mandarin is pissed off about Aldrich Killian and Trevor Slattery soiling his name and he wants to set the record straight.

When I first heard this news I immediately thought Marvel was trying to fix a wrong. I, like a number of people who saw Iron Man 3 was not too pleased with “Mandarin’s” portrayal. It was a cheap joke and ended up setting the movie up for another subpar final battle scene. Iron Man 3 was decent in my opinion (the worst of the 3) and not using the actually Mandarin I felt ruined an awesome opportunity of epic proportions.

Now with this short film coming to light it seems Marvel will be bringing the actually Mandarin into the movie universe. This only seems right since they hinted at the Ten Rings in the first film, only to reduce it to a joke. If this Marvel short actually is being made then I can forgive the missteps of the 3rd movie in regards to the Mandarin since it can be all pointed to “character setup”.

Hopefully Marvel does the character right this time. Using a very modern take on him and not making Mandarin the overly offensive caricature of a Chinese man that he was back in the ’60s.

Hopefully they avoid making him a giant leprechaun too!
Hopefully they avoid making him a giant leprechaun too!

How does this news sit with you? Where you happy with Mandarin’s portrayal in Iron Man 3 or does this news excite you like it does with me? Let us know in the comments below.