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How I Met Your Mother Review: “No Questions Asked” (Episode 9.07)

Marshall calls in a favor to Barney, Robin and Ted, No Questions Asked in an attempt to save his ass. In the previous episode Knight Vision, Daphne, Marshall’s road trip buddy decided to send Lily a text from his phone saying he took the job as judge. He tasks the three with deleting that text before Lily reads it.

After learning the room Lily is staying in is room 13, the haunted room of Captain Deerduff one would have had to figure there would have been a lot of “ghostly jokes”. However this was not the case.

Ted’s entrance into her room would be the first of only two. Thinking it would be a good idea to climb up the drain pipe on a rainy night. Breaking into Lily’s room while she is sleeping. Of course this causes her to question what he is doing and Ted gives one of his usual half-baked lame brain excuses.

Lily now appears to be a little scared asking Ted to sing her a lullaby to help her back to sleep. After she drifts off Ted begins searching the room for her phone in odd places. Eventually he gets near the air duct hearing, “It’s so cold”. Of course this freaks Ted out thinking it’s the ghost but it was only Barney.

This scenario plays out a little more after Barney’s arrival with Robin making her way into the room via a room service cart. The cart carrying a hefty bill forces Lily to leave the room to speak with the manager and complain about the room service she did not ask for. The three ensue on searching for her phone but come up empty realizing she has it on her.

Ted, Robin and Barney need to think of something quick. Ted heads downstairs as Barney and Robin draw up a ridiculous scheme. It involves Barney crawling through the air duct in the lobby as Robin comes sneaking in with her Night Falcon costume on (a purple unitard). Robin will have her gun in hand and cause a distraction with it. When the manager and Lily look to the distraction Barney releases a pigeon from the air duct further distracting them as Robin swoops in, erases the text and sneak back out. Yeah it didn’t happen like that.

Lily ends up smashing her phone before reading the text because Ted decided to use his No Questions Asked on Lily. This all ends up being for nothing when Marshall realizes he’s never not told Lily anything and talks to her via Ted’s phone. Bad move Mr. Eriksen, bad move. Lily’s face says it all and she is pissed.

This episode did not have many laugh out loud scenes. Only one I can really point to, Marshall’s flashback to Robin’s no questions asked call. She comes leaping out a window dressed as the Night Falcon into Marshall’s arms telling him to run as they are chased by other people in unitards.

Even though this episode was not overly funny I still enjoyed it. It was a good story was playful interactions between the cast and for the most part this episode focused on the main five which was nice to see. Barney and Robin continue to form a stronger bond with each other. While on the other end of the spectrum Marshall may have may have severed his with Lily.

The mother has yet to make another appearance this season but I’m still hoping it happens soon instead of it be dragging out for so long. Here’s hoping next weeks episode keeps the streak of good episodes coming.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

  • Ted was not the first, second or third person Marshall called, but the ninth. He really trusts him…
  • Robin calls Barney and herself “Lone wolves in their own little worlds”. Truer words have never been spoken.
  • The front door to Lily’s room was unlocked the whole time.
  • 42.5 hours before the wedding.