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The Walking Dead Review: “Isolation” (Episode 4.03)

These are some dire times for the group at the prison. You can see it in the various members of the groups faces that this new found situation, the flu virus, is taking it’s toll on them. Especially since they are losing people at a rapid pace. If that isn’t enough to make things miserable for everyone, people are now becoming quite tense (mainly Tyreese) and taking it out on each other.

Tyreese and Rick come to blows fairly quickly into Isolation. One would think for Tyreese’s stature he would be able to handle himself with Rick but clearly that was not the case. The beast was fully unleashed within Rick again and he went full on rage mode with Tyreese’s face. This is no way for any self respecting lawman to behave but then again he’s not the one wearing the sheriff hat.

Clearly Karen and David being murdered has made Tyreese snap and it’s a welcoming snap. It’s the beginning of bringing Tyreese out of his shell and molding him into the badass we all want to see. On the flipside Rick seemed to move back towards crazytown and Herschel says to Rick it was just a minor lapse, comparing it to falling off the wagon.

A large amount of the prison population falling ill now has whomever is healthy trying to pitch in where they can and pick up the slack for the ill. Carl is tasked with watching the kids who have been quarantined with the old people (Herschel). Rick and Carol are tending to the yard duties. Daryl, Michonne, Bob and a late straggler Tyreese head off to a veterinary college to scavenge for medical supplies.

Carl is back to being the sheriff patrolling the halls of the one quarantine zone. Him and Herschel find themselves in a bit of a standoff as Carl is unable to stop Herschel from venturing out of the prison. So Carl does what he thinks is best and follows him out as his body guard. This trip was for Herschel to find berries that he can make an herbal tea for the sick and help fight off their sickness. We also see that Carl actually has a bit of respect for Herschel when he listens to him on not killing walkers who are no threat to them.

The miracle remedy that Herschel is whipping up means he has to go into the sick zone which does not sit well with Maggie or Rick. He makes them see it his way quickly and heads into the sick zone to try and help. Herschel’s logic of going into help the sick is pretty sound too. Walkers can kill you, people can kill you, just breathing the air can kill you. I’m sure he’s feeling somewhat useless too with being a cripple and this is his way to be a contributor.

Daryl’s trip with Michonne, Bob and Tyreese was the only real scene with any action in this episode. Daryl teaches us that even in the zombie apocalypse people still don’t know how to pay attention to the road while driving. He did come across an interesting radio transmission while fiddling with the radio but he also took out a few walkers. However they quickly hit a roadblock when met with a mega herd of walkers.

The car ends up getting stuck on a pile of walkers while trying to make their escape and the group has to abandon the car, making a run for it. Tyreese decides to take his sweet time getting out of the car and gets himself surrounded by walkers with only a hammer. The other three thinking he is a goner take off into the woods leaving him, but no worries an exhausted Tyreese meets back up them covered in walker guts.

At the end of the episode we are left with Rick investigating the murders. It appears Tyreese got through to him with beating the cop back into him. Quickly into his investigation he seems to figure out who the culprit is and after saving Carol from a suicide water run beyond the prison gates he jumps right in and asks her if she murdered them. Without hesitation she says yes and walks off.

There where a few weak points in this weeks episode, mainly in how they used Maggie. She was doing a lot of moping around. Glenn is sick, she cries about that. Her sister is in the quarantine zone with Judith, she cries about that. Herschel wants to go into the sick zone and help them, she cries about that. What happened to strong, level headed Maggie? She was one of the strong female characters on the show in previous seasons but this season she has gone soft. Good job Glenn!

So far this season I’ve yet to feel like the show has caught it’s stride like it has in other seasons early on. Each week it creeps bit by bit closer, but it’s not there yet. Some of the characters (newer ones mainly) are starting to get their legs which can only lead to good compelling things going forward. Between Tyreese and Michonne finally coming out of their shells and Carol who is most likely going to blow her gasket moving her closer to the way she is in the books. Crazy Carol is always a good time.

Don’t get me wrong with my criticisms of the show right now. I still think it is a good show, a lot of things would need to be changed for the worst to make me think otherwise. I just know the potential it has and would love to see it hit those levels of excellence I expect to see.

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Quick Notes:

  • Carl has a massive silencer on his gun.
  • Beth’s expanded role is not really interesting. She’s on babysitting duty 100% of the time.
  • Glenn and Sasha are both sick. Money on Sasha dying.
  • Radio transmission + Sanctuary = Neagan… Oh crap!