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The Walking Dead Review: “Infected” (Episode 4.02)

(This review contains spoilers)

It was only a matter of time for the interior of the prison to become just as dangerous as the world beyond it’s fences. In the episode Infected the residence of the prison are finally met with this possibility as we learn a dangerous strand of the flu is amongst their population and it takes no time to kill whoever contracts it.

Within the opening moments of the episode Patrick, who died last episode is walking about cell block D going door to door feasting on unsuspecting sleeping victims. Some time passes and gunshots are heard so the A-Team (Rick, Glenn and Daryl) spring into action taking out all the walkers who just came about in the cell block. The one odd thing with this scene was the number of walkers that appeared to be in the cell block. As the people were being killed they just seemed to turn super fast. Yes, this show established no two people turn at the same speed but it seemed too many people turned already in a short span of time.

The good thing with the cell block scene however was it helped pushing Rick back to being Rick. Farmer Rick is something that could never have lasted and something we do not need or want. We want Rick to be in full badass mode, not a pacifist. I get the whole idea of him taking on his new found love of farming and being against guns was to show Carl there’s another way. He even mentions in this episode that his lust for killing walkers caused him to lose site on raising his son properly. But lets be honest here the damage was done in the last two seasons with Carl and whether Rick likes it or not Carl is no longer a kid.

They give us insight into why we saw walkers in last weeks episode with blood streaming from their eyes and ears. These people became walkers in the same fashion as Patrick and the other guy in cell block D that died from the flu virus. So now beyond the threat of the walkers, Ricks group now has to worry about infection from deadly virus’s that can hit anyone. Smartly enough the counsel starts taking precautions with the chance of spreading the virus by separating who may have the chance of being infected from whomever may not have been in contact with the said infected.

The smart decision however was soon topped later in the episode by Rick’s ultimately dumb decision with how to deal with the fence walkers. A massively large group of walkers are pushing up against the fence and Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Sasha and Daryl try and take care of the situation. It becomes too overwhelming for them and the walkers are beginning to collapse the fence. Rick decides to take the rest of the piglets (that may or may not be caring the flu virus) out with Daryl in a truck and leave them out as bait for the walkers, luring them from the fence. Now comes the dumb decision of just leaving the walkers alone to feast on the piglets. This could have been an opportune time to mow them down with a gun or set them on fire but they decide to leave them be and not too long after they are back on the fence which is reinforced but how long will that last.

From the chaos in cell block D Carol has become the care taker of two kids who’s father died and as his last request asked Carol to take care of them as if they were her own. I just want to say the people who hated on Carl (I for one did not) in early seasons unfairly better be hating on these two girls. They are obnoxious and we can only hope for them to become walker food sooner rather than later but sadly this probably will not be the case. So for that I’m just going to stop here on this.

Now onto some good things with this episode. First the push for Tyreese to become the badass he is in the books when he finds his girlfriend burnt to a crisp. From the start of the season he has just come off as super soft and this death should push him to his hammer killing ways. Next we get Rick ending his farming ways and strapping his gun back on. Third and final we get Rick giving Carl his gun back so we can watch him slip further and further into the emotionless killer that we all enjoy.

Overall this episode was an improvement over last weeks but not by much. I’m hoping the group does not lingering much longer at the prison with something truly chaotic occurring there forcing them to flee. They need to get the group on the move again so they have that constant sense of danger around them, instead of these self contained threats. As it stands right now I don’t feel any sense of danger for the core characters on this show (which is a constant in the books) and this is something that needs to change for this show to get some of that tension back it is sorely lacking.

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Quick Notes:

  • Rick getting back into the walker killing routine… Awesome!
  • Kids not named Carl need to go
  • Maggie and Glenn are being under used