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American Horror Story Review: “Boy Parts” (Episode 3.02)

American Horror Story wasted no time kicking it up a notch this season with the episode Boy Parts. Now just two episodes in and this season is really taking shape with a lot of stakes, desires and wants laid out on the table. (Spoilers below)

The episode opens in interesting fashion with two alligator hunters out about on their boat looking for some gator. After they successfully score one they return to their quaint little home in the mud. To their surprise they have a visitor. Cue the Fleetwood Mac music and in enters Misty Day (Lily Rabe), the witch who we saw burned on the stake in the episode Bitchcraft. Misty is a necromancer and is not liking what these two hunters are doing to the alligators. She brings them back to life, letting them have their revenge.

Back at the school Cordelia is waking the girls up to get an early start on the day. During a group session with the girls talking about themselves we get a glimpse into Queenie’s past and how she landed in the school. From what we learn she is a very bright young girl from Detroit and was the manager of a chicken joint. A disgruntle customer insulting her because she wouldn’t give him free chicken ends up learning the hard way when she decides to stick her hand in the hot oil using her Voodoo doll powers to burn his arm. This incident catches Cordelia’s attention and she was brought to the school.

The style of this episode was a very interesting choice. Things being in focus, other things not. The close-ups and distorted shots, making everything seem and feel surreal. This kind of let the audience feel how a few characters in this episode felt.

First up the two detectives who came to the school to question Zoe and Madison. Their hard line of questioning causes Zoe to crack, ratting the whole school out as witches. Lucky she has a savior in Fiona who comes in seemingly wipes the detectives memories with her magic spit. Literally she spit into a glass of water and Jedi mind tricked the detectives into drinking it.

Another character in this episode who is feeling disoriented and definitely out of place; Madame LaLaurie. We get a further glimpse into what happened with her. Learning Marie Laveau did not poison her in the sense to kill her but gave her immortality. This was done so she can see her entire family dead, hanging by the neck and then be buried for all eternity while life above her comes and goes. As we all know however Madame LaLaurie was dug up by Fiona and is now a woman out of time.

The final character that had a great deal to be disoriented about is Kyle. Madison and Zoe go to the morgue to see his body, finding it in pieces. The girls decided to play Dr. Frankenstein though Zoe does not seem to be on board at first. After a very odd ritual the spell does not seem to work until after Zoe decides to kiss his dead cold lips. Within minutes he awakens as a mindless husk, beating on one of the morgue workers. Their escape leads them to cross paths with Misty who ends up helping Zoe with Kyle in making him whole and normal again.

As all these stories were unfolding Fiona was paying a visit to the wrong part of town to get a haircut but more importantly to talk with Marie Laveau. The thing is Ms. Laveau has something Fiona wants and that’s immortality but Fiona doesn’t scare her even after she starts setting things on fire with the snap of a finger. However Fiona does have a bargaining chip in Madame LaLaurie, Marie’s long time enemy. How this shall unfold will be very interesting and I fully expect it to get much more ugly before any sort of a resolution comes about.

The only weak part with this episode is the story line going one with Cordelia. She wants a kid but cannot get pregnant so her and her boyfriend/husband (didn’t catch which he is) do this very satanic dance of making love. It was quite odd. Did the things we see happening while they were having sex happen? I saw snakes but then at the end I didn’t see snakes. I don’t know it was weird so hopefully this all goes somewhere.

So as it stands right now I am really digging this season. After a slow paced but fully needed first episode, everything picked up in Boy Parts and I’m hoping they keep on chugging full steam ahead.

How’d you feel about this weeks episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Notes:

  • The man made into a Minotaur is actually a Minotaur now… or so it seems
  • Misty Day thought she was all alone with her powers till she met Zoe
  • Lots of fried chicken in this episode.