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The Walking Dead Review: “30 Days Without an Accident” (Episode 4.01)

Whelp here we are, The Walking Dead is back for its fourth season bringing a whole lot of setup in its first episode. While the things they were setting up to for this season seem to be hellish good, the first episode back however lacked any real punch and was pretty predictable. (Spoilers below)

The episode opens to Rick walking out to the front yard of the prison that has undergone some changes. Now they have crops, a pigpen and a horse stable. A mass amount of zombies is conjuring around the perimeter fence and Rick looking very tranquil gives them a glance and just goes about his business.

Early on in the episode we get a nice moment between Carl and Rick, hinting that they may be back on good terms since Rick is a whole lot less crazy now. But as people who are fans of the comics know their relationship has its ups and downs throughout.

The writers of the show took the fan favorite popularity of Daryl and decided to add it to the show as it seems every new person in the camp loves Daryl. He is their resident rock star but Carol reminds him she found him first. Their playful banter picked up from where it left off last season, with subtle hints that they might be involved now with Carol him pookie. Gotta love the pet names!

One of the things that disappointed me with this episode was the time spent on new characters that I for one don’t care to know and the failure to show enough of some of the favorites (Maggie). We have characters from last season like Tyresse and Michonne who I for one would love to see more fleshed out and they sort of went there with Michonne but in the case of Tyresse they are not showing that badass appeal he had in the books. It is something that was severely lacking and they need to show.

Rick’s story with his new friend he found in the woods, Clara was not very interesting either. This part dragged for me as I saw where this was going from the start of it. Her sole purpose was to give Rick insight into what he would have become if he continued the path of crazy town. Just before her departure from the episode see left Rick with one key thing to ponder and that was you cannot comeback from the unspeakable things you do. I guess we’ll see if Rick decides her words to be true or not.

Now let’s get to the awesome which was the supply run scene. The group on the run was made up of Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Tyresse, Sasha, Zach and Bob (Zach and Bob are newcomers). Before the group heads out on the run we learn Zach is Beth’s boyfriend. In their conversation Beth gives Zach a death sentence by refusing to say goodbye.

On the actual supply run they go to a shopping center that was barricaded by the military all of which seemed to be clear of zombies on the ground floor. The team goes into the building using a lot of strategy and smarts. They could not have gone about it any better. However the one thing they could not foresee is the mess of zombies on the roof which oh by the way is breaking beneath their feet from water damage. The floor breaks and chaos ensues as they fend off the zombies raining from the ceiling and Zach gets bit as the group was trying to help Bob who was trapped underneath a shelf.

The council was finally brought into the show, something that is in the books and was created by Dale. It’s just a governing body of people making decisions rather than just one person; Rick.

In conclusion as a stated earlier this episode was full of setup and not much punch. The cliff hanger they left off with having one of the younger members of their community dying in one of the cellblocks and turning into a walker nicely sets up next week’s episode for some immediate chaos.

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Quick Notes:

  • Carl continues his rapid transformation into adulthood.
  • Beth is an emotionless robot.
  • Grocery store shelves fall over way to easily in a comical way.