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How I Met Your Mother Review: “The Poker Game” (Episode 9.05)

How I Met Your Mother starts off exactly where it left off last week with The Poker Game. This episode delivered a few laughs, more than the previous episodes this season but I’m still feeling the tires are fully worn on this show. (Spoilers below)

The episode revolves around James dropping hints to Barney during the poker game to get out of the marriage before he even is married. These subtle hints do not go over so well with Robin who is also playing in this game. She asks Barney to get her back for once and Barney does his usual thing of not following through.

As this is going on Lily is steaming as Ted talks up how he buys the most amazing wedding gifts and the three gifts he got for Robin and Barney. Lily is pissed about this because her and Marshall are under the notion that Ted never got them anything for their wedding. This led to a year of subtle and not so subtle hints.

On the flipside to this situation however Ted believes he gave them a gift which was a coffee maker. During the same year of Marshall dropping hints to him Ted was dropping hints to Marshall about wanting a thank you card. This situation escalates to the point where Ted believes he actually did not get them a gift and ends up going out to get them one. Fully not knowing their friend Stuart took Ted’s name off the gift and put his own on it to which Lily finds out during the episode.

Back at the poker game Robin has won James wedding ring on a bet to which he tattles to his mother about who then herself gets into the game. Barney’s mom is then also knocked out of the game by Robin and she loses her shirt in the process, literally.

Barney feels Robin is being unfair to his family and decides to give the items back to his brother and mom not getting Robins back and further pissing her off. When Barney goes to return the ring to James he has a moment of clarity. Maybe to clear of a moment. He decides not to give the ring back to his brother thanking him for making him realize he needs to have Robins back. Then he takes it one step further telling him they are no longer brother’s and then goes to tell his mom he no longer needs her in his life too and this was all at the request of Robin.

At the end of the episode Robin is trying to clear the air with Barney’s mom saying this was all a miss understanding but when Barney’s mom tells Robin she is going to win the war, Robin responds, “Game on, bitch!”

Yes this episode was probably one of the better one’s in a long time but I just don’t feel that charm or humor this show once had. This week I did not have a huge problem with no sightings of “The Mother” unlike last week which missed a huge opportunity to have her popup. Here’s hoping this show regains it’s feet for the final stretch of this beloved series.

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