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Television Will Never Be the Same: Farewell Breaking Bad

Creating a television show that the masses like is tricky. Creating a television show that grows in popularity as it progresses in seasons is even trickier. And knowing when to end that said show at the most opportune time before running it into the ground, well that’s science. (Spoilers – If you have not watched Breaking Bad stop reading and go watch—NOW!)

Breaking Bad did all that. A beloved show through all 6 seasons (get out of here with that Season 5b stuff) which ended in the only way it really could have; brilliantly.

I myself can say I was not watching Breaking Bad from the beginning (regrettably), but a year and a half ago Netflix got me onto the Breaking Bad bandwagon and I’m ever so grateful I did just that.

There are not enough positive words in the English language to say how I truly felt about this show. The acting was top notch all the way around. The story, the scripts had so much energy and passion put into every word, every scene. And let’s not forget the beautiful location of Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can tell everyone involved truly loved their job.

For me when it comes to cinema or TV I always enjoy the tragic stories. The stories that leave you guessing every step of the way and always seem to be one step ahead of your thought process. Breaking Bad did this so many times.

Season 2 is where this first stroke of brilliance hit me. Not selling season 1 short, it was great, but the second season is where I really started feeling the shock and awe of this show.

The two biggest things that stick out in my mind from season 2 are the beginning of the episodes taking place in the White’s backyard/front yard where the viewer is lead to believe an explosion occurred at the house. To then only find out at the end of the season it was debris from a midair plane collision in which Walt and a further extent Jesse inadvertently caused. The other Walt’s choice to not save Jane and I say save here because I put her death more on Jesse (bout 75%). He introduced her back to drugs, opening that gateway to put her in that situation. Walt doesn’t show up she dies, he basically did Jesse a favor as bad as that sounds.

From the end of season 2 the show and Walter more importantly where never the same. The show kept exceling further and further up the plateau of greatness while Walt slipped further and further into dark territory. But even with this show growing increasingly darker we got one of the funniest moments on television with the epic pizza toss. We also got two of the baddest SOB’s to grace TV, Marco and Leonel Salamanca. These dudes would make bricks shit bricks.

Season 3 also introduced a lot of other noteworthy and fan favorite characters to the show; Gus Fring, Saul Goodman and good ole Mike Ehrmantraut. This is one thing the show did exceptionally well. Each new character introduced was likable in different ways. Even if that likable way was how they made you feel uneasy because they were bat shit crazy. I’m looking at you Tuco.

When Season 4 concluded it easily became the greatest season of television for any show ever on TV, well from what I know of and have seen. But then Season 5 (A&B) came along and took that honor away. Yes, I am in full confidence willing to say that Breaking Bad out did each season with its following season. Something TV shows never do. They always seem to falter somewhere along the lines. And Breaking Bad took it one step further with its final season and had each episode top the one that came before it up until Ozymandias which was the best episode of the series and was not topped by the final two episodes (they were still great).

So from one big fan of the show I just want to say job well done on this series it is a magnificent accomplishment and I will always remember its name.

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