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Outlast Review: Or How I Turned the Lights Off and Wept Like a Baby

First let me start off by saying I have huge balls when it comes to horror movies and video games. I do not scare easily but then again that might be from the vast majority of scares being predictable. Up till now I’ve only played one video game that actually got me to jump up out of my seat and that game was Dead Space. Now with Outlast completed and behind me I can safely say it is now at two.

Now before you start going oh well play Amnesia, that will surely scare you. I have played it, just haven’t finished and I apologize to the fans of that game for not witnessing what some perceive to be a truly frightening game.

However lets get back on track here.

Outlast, oh Outlast. What can I say to do you the most justice? Well for one play this game at night when it’s quiet in the house with the lights off. Immerse yourself in the tension as you creep slowly through the halls of Mount Massive Asylum. That surely did the trick for me.

In Outlast you take control of independent journalist Miles Upshur, who received an anonymous tip about all the wrong doings occurring at Mount Massive. Equipped with just a handheld video camera which provides you with the ability to see in the dark when there is no light (provided you have batteries left on hand). You have to run, duck, dodge (you could apply the five D’s of Dodgeball here) and on occasion hide while trying to escape this asylum which feels like hell.

In the beginning the game got me good with two scares but as you progress you start to become accustomed to the looming fear, though the tension remains high.

Some of the best parts of the game are when you are reduced to play a cat and mouse type game with one or multiple psychopaths. With no way to fight back all you can do is run for a hiding spot hoping for them to go right on by you. On the few unfortunate occasions they will discover you and if you are lucky enough to get away you’ll be hunting for a new place to hide.

The game does a great job with its sound drawing the player in as they progress. Whether it be the creaks of the wooden floor boards, screams off in the distance or Miles breathing heavily over the incoming danger. All these things help contribute to building tension within the player.

One thing I would have enjoyed more is if scare factor was still around later in the game. It does wear off after a bit but that doesn’t hurt the experience of the game.

The game overall was a fun, tension filled memorable experience. While there isn’t much in terms of replay value other than collecting what you may have missed. The best part of replaying is not when you actually play it but watch a friend and laugh at them as they scream in terror where you deny you were ever scared.

Share your experience with Outlast in the comments below.

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