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Dredd Review

Think back to 1995 when you heard Judge Dredd was going to be on the big screen starring one of the biggest action men around at the time, Sylvester Stallone. Now think of the disappointment you were filled with after watching that horrid mess. Have you done that so far? Good, now purge those memories from your brain and go watch the newest Dredd movie with Karl Urban. You can thank me later.

The new Dredd movie is a pure action movie that leaves the viewer fully engaged in the awesomeness oozing out of every scene. Right from the start of the movie we are in the thick of things. Dredd is shown speeding down a highway on his motorcycle after 3 perps. The perps refusing to pull over and be taken in start firing on Dredd and in the process run over an “innocent”. Dredd uses force to stop the vehicle, killing two of the perps and chasing the third down. Killing him in spectacular fashion. This was just the first 10 minutes.

The next hour and a half sets up with Dredd taking Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), a rookie judge with psychic abilities out on patrol. From this point they go to investigate a triple homicide in a territory controlled by Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) who is also heading up the manufacturing and distribution of a new drug called Slo-Mo.

Most of this movie is a pure adrenaline ride with Karl Urban doing a great job with the title character. In particular the scenes where characters are doing Slo-Mo prove to be viciously violent and wildly entertaining. Not once did I feel the Slo-Mo effect was being over used.

My one and only issue with this film was the intentionally 3D shot scenes. I for one do not care for 3D in movies and when watching a movie the standard way those 3D shots become painstakingly obvious and cringe worthy moments. But for Dredd I was able to get passed them for everything else that this movie did, which quite frankly was awesome.

Let us know what you thought of Dredd in the comments below.

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